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I just purchased a D50 kit with 2 lenses, 18-55 and 55-200. I had a 35mm Minolta that I used for years, but I'm way out of the loop now and I'm having to relearn EVERYTHING.

I have been playing with the D50 at my daughters indoor soccer games, and I'm not thrilled. What am I doing wrong? I used the 55-200 lens, used auto 'sports' setting, full auto, adjusted the ISO to 1600 w/ auto shutter, etc. Some modes produced nothing but black, some produced fair results, but none of them were spectacular. Most wereblurry, either overall, or on some the'moving parts' were blurry, so the body looked fine, but the foot kicking the ball was blurry. Maybe I need a tripod, or maybe I need a different lens to get FAST and CLOSE shots? She also runs track and I'm going to need to get close to get those shots too.

I have read the manual, and bought a book yesterday, and I've read lots of stuff here. Any advice you can give would be appreciated, and please use small words that I will understand! Thanks!

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Action photography needs fast shutter speeds, the faster the movements the more speed you need. For soccer I guess 1/400 or 1/500 should be sufficient to freeze the action even though sometimes a little bit of blurriness in the leg or arms or the ball is something that you would want to enhance the sensation of movement. The problem is that indoors it will be difficult to reach those shutter speeds without a good flash (sb-600 or sb-800) to assist you, because there isn't enough light.

I would wait to hear from someone who has experience in this type of photography but I think they will tell you the same thing. Maybe another solution could be buying a zoom like the nikor 80-200 f2.8 which lets you shoot in lowlight conditions but depending on the light you probably still need a flash.

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Your current lens just does not have a wide enough aperature for indoor use. You need a lens that has at least f 2.8 to let in enough light to achieve fast enough shutter speeds. Unfortunately in the zoom class, they are all very expensive. Your best bet is to pick up a 50mm f1.8. If you can afford it, grab the 85 f1.8 as well. Used, you can get these for around $500....the 50 is a real bargain (under $100 used) and should be in every photographers bag.
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