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I have a friend who is offering to sell me a couple lenses that he has leftover from an old Nikon SLR.¬*According to his email they are:¬*1 - 28-90mm quanteray AND¬*1 - 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 D DL macro super.¬*I'm a DSLR newbie so please excuse the stupid questions: What's a fair price to offer for them? Are they decent lenses? Will they work on a Nikon D50? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Karsen,
My suggestion would be do a search on Ebay to see what the current price range might be for these lenses. It would be a good starting place to see what they might be fetching in the real world.



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The lenses aren't worth much. If your friend is expecting anything more than $75 (or less, really), it's a rip off (and I wouldn't even offer that much b/c the 28-90 isn't so useful on a D50, and both are really just bottom-of-the-barrel lenses). Frankly, I'd be inclined to pass on them b/c your friend might be insulted by your offer (it's rather likely that he paid much more for them at the time and still believes them to be valuable). They are pretty low-grade lenses, and the 18-55 is superior to the 28-90 in both quality and usability (b/c you lose much of the wide angle b/c of the crop factor). The 70-300 would make an OK complement, but it's just not a good lens. You'd be vastly better off with a D50 with the two kit lenses (18-55 and 55-200)--better optical quality and more useful range. If you're getting them for a song, they should work on the D50.
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