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We currently have a Canon S50 point and shoot, which takes excellent pictures,

but we want morezoom. We were looking at the Canon S2 IS over the weekend,

and the salesman showed us the Nikon D50, which we fell in love with right away.

We have never used a slr camera, except on it's automatic settings, so we were

wondering if we would be in way too over our heads with this camera. We do

alot of traveling, so we want a good camera for indoors and outdoors, with a

good zoom. We looked two places-on is offering the body with a 28-80 lense,

and the other is offering the 18-55 lense. What is the difference? The one with

the 18-55 lense is also offering a 2 lense deal with the 55-200. Would that give

us a decent amount of zoom? They are also throwing in a 52mm filter. Any thoughts

as to will we be able to conquer this camera? We are willing to play and experiment

with it. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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hI there leelee08

I upgraded from a panny fz20 to the d50 and i havent looked back since although i have used my fz20 on a couple of occasions but the d50 goes were ever i go.

An excellent camera. I bought the 2 lens kit and i am very happy with both lenses but i would like to get a bigger lenses asap.

I have found the 18-55mm is fine for indoor shots. We did a photo shoot of my wife's artwork and she was impressed with the pics. and it was a pretty naff day weather wise which made the pics even more impressive. and i didn't even use the flash.

55-200mm is just as good but i have noticed some barrel distortion on some of my pics but it no big deal.

All in all this is a very fast camera sometimes i cant believe how quick it is and the 2 kit lenses do the job just fine.

and no i dont think you'll be over your heads with this camera. I am not one for reading manuals and most of the time i end up swearing at things i buy because i dontr read the manual. My point is i found this camera to be easy on the brain cells.

Most of the time really cant be bothered learning new stuff. but this camera is a joy to learn.

I still no bugger all about photography but i'm having fun learning.

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The D50 costs quite a bit more than the S2 IS does it not? I don't know how that factors in with you though.

Because you said for traveling I'm leaning mostly towards no, I don't know what you consider heavy camera baggage, But if you don't mind lugging both lenses around (And you will need a spare battery or 2 for traveling) You should be alright (and a camera bag to hold them)

The 55 - 200mm lens is really an 82 - 300mm (equivelant) lens, so its Definitely not wide angle enough for say scenery / landscape picture, So you will need both lenses with you.

Handy part about the S2 - IS is its (Relatively) Small, it has really good zoom, and the image quality is still good (not as good as the D50 would be with a good lens (Though if you get a cheap lens You can make it worse))

The D50 will perform much better though, less shutter lag, faster AF, stuff like that.

Its kind of a tradeoff, decide what you need / want the most.

(Whats the filter? UV polarized? If you have a choice get an Infrared, Will be hard to compose shots BUT you can take some whacked out shots with it
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The sensor inside the D50 is smaller than 35mm film, so it has the effect of making a lens 1.5x stronger than it really is. So the 28-80 would be fine on a film camera and would in fact cover 28-80 but on a digital body, its effects are magnified and it becomes a 42 - 120.

This effect is great at making zooms more effective but the downside is that wide angleless wide !!!!,

So - You may notreally want the 28-80mm lens

The 18 - 55 is specificlly designed for digital so the x1.5 effects of a digital camera turn it into a 28-80, which is a nice size. This lens is good for landscapes and group photos and around the house type shots. You will no doubt want a 2nd lens with more zoom to reach out to other subjects, the Nikon 55-200 is commonly sold as the 2nd kit lens, magnified by the 1.5 effect,it becomesthe equivalent of a80 - 300 lens. This is a nice lens for most shooting. the lens is quite light so is fine for carrying around. Enthusiasts of wildlife shooting prefer a longer zoom again.

The picture quality of the D50 is superb but you mention the Canon S2IS - this is a very flexible camera,for your money you get a very portable camera, a long zoom (equates to 420mm), image stabilisation and macro ability. Although I sold my Cannon S2IS to get my D50, Iknew where i wanted my photography to go. You sound less certain and before you spend your money on a DSLR, I would make sure that first, all of your photography requirements can'tbe met bya prosumer such as the canon S2IS or Panasonic F5 or the new F7 - just a thought
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I just purchased the 2 lens kit that had the 28-80 and the 70-300. I think the 18-55 would be a better choice, I like the 70-300 it lets you reach out there and take pics. that you might miss. I've looked back and I believe I would choose the 18-55 and the 70-300, there is also a lens that comes with the D70 that is a 18-70 but I think it is more expensive. Good luck in your decissions Greg
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Honestly, I don't think that you are bitting off more than you can chew. You are willing to learn and to adapt and I believe that is admirable. Check your local Community College. Many offer excellent digital camera courses, and that would ease the learning curve for you.

You can do it!

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I also come from a Canon S2 background. Although it was a fantastically convenient camera and performed beautifully outdoors in bright sunny conditions, I found I needed something more versatile, greater indoors and night shots, faster focusing. With the S2, you really needed to play around with certain settings to get that good shot. With the D50 i recently bought (along with the 50mm 1.8D lens) I can just leave it on auto and away it goes beautifully. Mind you though, the D50 is just a tad bit bigger than the S2.

I don't think you will go wrong with the D50, its much more versatile and means you don't have to be scared of shooting in difficult conditions e.g. very fast moving objects or night shots
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Old Apr 11, 2006, 9:41 AM   #8
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I recently purchased a Nikon D50 with the 18-55 kit lens. I knew I wanted to purchase the new 18-200 VR lens (and I did), so I didn't bother with the two-lens kit.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I love my Nikon. The shots I get are amazing to me! I had a Panasonic FZ20, which I loved as well, but since I've been using the Nikon more and more, I'm finding that I don't miss my FZ20. And the one lens (18-200) does the trick! I do, however, use a 50mm f/1.8 lens for darker indoor shots, such as my son's concerts. What a difference between the shots I get with the Nikon as opposed to the Panny. That was really the deciding factor - low-light indoor shots. I just couldn't get them with the fz, even with an additional flash. When I took indoor pictures of my other son at his prom, his black tux had much noise and I couldn't print larger than 4x6. I will never put down the other camera, but it just didn't suit my needs for indoor shots like the Nikon does.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Be of good cheer!

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"mare
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