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My cousin knocked my camera on the floor today onto its lens, thats all jammed up and the shutter leaves must be stuck you cant see out of the viewwindow as its very dark. Seems like something is loose inside if i shake it a little i hear a rattle or like a spring. not sure if that is normal. so much for having new toys they just get ruimed quicker.

I am not a happy camper, can these lenses be fixed? 18-55mm kit

I doubt if she will pay for her damage done, so i am left to buy something else. thinking 18-125mm sigma as its replacement. maybe

I am so enjoying the pictures this camera takes.. Very CRISP! os shall i say was.

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Sounds like something in the body is also damaged do you have another lens to try on the body to check its operation.reason I say this is with a DSLR body you should be able to see thru the view finder if its dark the mirror may be jammed or loose. In any case sorry to here about this accident.and hope damage is minimal
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[align=left]How long have you had the camera??? I dropeed my mp3 and i was able to get a refund under the warranty. Maybe you should try. Its better than paying for a new lens when you could have claimed it in warranty. I would suggest to anyone who has a decent to high level camera GET IT INSURED. Beleive me it is the way to go. Paying a tenor a month counts when you drop it and it breaks. [/align]
[align=left]Anyway sorry to hear about your accident and I hope it doesnt cost too much to replace.[/align]
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bummer - sorry to hear of your dilemma.

When I purchased my D50 at circuit city, I went for the plan that covers dropping, breaking, normal wear and tear, drowning, etc.

I dropped a Kodak V550 with the lens extended one month after purchase, and the Kodak warranty clearly stated that it does not cover items that are dropped. Of course I dropped that one cause I didn't have the plan for it!

I wish you much luck and hope it doesn't cost too much!

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Sadly i bought it 2 mos ago hadnt gotten a chance to really use it sinces its been rather cold till lately.

I dont want to hear about other things broken, i will be crushed. A lens i could handle.

I think the viewfinder is dark cuz the leaves are stuck to a small fstop if i take the lens off i can barely see light through it.
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If you used a CC to make the purchase, you might be able to get some compensation depending on the CC company. Check your user agreement.

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