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OK I'm confused.

On page 3 of Steve's review of the D50, he has a chart that I assume came from Nikon. The chart lists the number of pictures that can be put on a 256MB card.

Anyone see a problem here?

If an NEF file is 5MB and the card is 256MB then it should fit about 50 images. 33 images should leave almost 100MB free.

I just ordered a 2GB card and the difference between 264 and 400 is quite large.

I looked thru the archives and can not find an explaination to this.... Am I missing something?
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I believe this has to do with how storage manufacturers report their products. A 2Gb card isn't really a full 2 Gb...they are rounding up. The same is true fro hard drives. In addition, once you format the card you lose some space as well.
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Nikon are lousy at maths! Typical RAW files are 5.5MB so you get a lot more than they say on a card. Also, as you have noticed, 5MB x 33 isn't 256MB.

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What was missing was the notes for that graphic, it should look like this:

1. All figures are approximate. File size varies with scene recorded and make of memory card.
2. Maximum number of frames that can be stored in memory buffer. Actual number of photos that canbe taken before buffer fills may vary with make of memory card.
3. Total file size of NEF (RAW) and JPEG images.
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