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Ok this might be a stupid question, but its bugging me and if I have overlooked it somewhere I must say I'm sorry.
If I have my D50 Camera in Manual and my lens in manual is there a need to push the shutter halfway down to set anything or is that just for auto mode?

Can you set the camera in manual and the lens in auto or vise versa, would this have any effect on picture taking or should they be set the same m to m, a to a?

Just trying to learn, lol thanks for any replies

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Pressing the shutter button 1/2 way will activate the metre so that the graph in the display will show when the exposure is correct or whether it is over or under exposed according to the metre. Of course in manual you can just ignore the suggested exposure if you know you want or need a different exposure.

It also activates the focus module so that a dot by the focus indicator in the viewfinder indicates when the camera detects that the currently active focus point is in focus. Again in manual you can ignore this if you wish.

Manual focus and manual exposure can be used together or either can be used with the other set at auto. There is no impact on picture taking other than the obvious fact that the camera will not change focus or exposure if these are set to manual.

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