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I just bought d50. I have used sony p92 fully automatic camera (it is good camera but without options) Now I try to shoot only in creative zone but I have problem to get

right exposure (ev). Usually I take picture inside house and under low light. Exposure

compensation and flash light compensation are blinking, What should I do to get right

compensation and stop the blink of ex. compensation on my lcd. What is it "BKT"?

Thank you

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Make it a lot simpler for yourself. Zero out all of the compensations. Put the D-50 in P for Program (which is just like Auto, only you can now make manual adjustments) Set the ISO to 200. Deploy the builtin flash.Have your subject between 10 and 12 feet from the camera and take the photo. Now check the LCD. If it is over exposed just use a bit of exposure compensation on the -side, if under exposed, us a bit of + exp comp.

Here is a photo I took in a restaurant last night at about 24 feet. To compensate for the extra distance fromcamera to subject, I increased the ISO to 400.

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BKT is bracket set on this the camera will take a series of shots varying the exposure what the variation is depends on the menu settings. I think the default is 1 stop under, as metered, 1 stop over.

As mtclimber says don't apply an exposure compensation until you know you need it.
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Coming from point and shoot the best way to learn to use the D50 is to keep taking lots of pictures with it. Remember you do not have to pay for films and developing or printing cost. Shoot at any thing, stone, grass, leave, any thing you see. Each of the shot will teach you more than we can tell you in words here. I take an average of 1000 shot per month. It took me a thound shots before I could take good pictures with it. I now got the D200 which require even more practices. It fun to shoot at all subjects you see and watch your skill improve.

I used to kill any mosquito I saw. Now I just photograph it with my D50!
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