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How would the D50 choose the ISO, when it's set to Auto-Mode ???

I understand that more exactly I should also ask about the critereon for setting Aperture/Shutter as well.

There may be a function such that:

Exposure = function (EV, Aperture, Shutter, ISO).

I just don't want the D50 to abuse ISO at/above 800, which quality I think is barely acceptable.

I am also quite confused by the:

Menu => Pencil_icon => [9] ISO Control & [10] ISO Auto

If I turn them to [OFF], does it mean that the ISO will be CONSTANT in Auto-Mode ???

I use M-mode most of the time. But for snapshots or really complicated lighting conditions, which requires quick reactions, I would just rely on the Auto-mode of D50 to optimize everything for me.

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Here's a short explanation, courtesy of Mr Ken Rockwell, that answer part of your question:

[align=left]09: ISO Control: This can stump the advanced user. It is only available in the menu if you've chosen one of the preset scene modes. It goes away in P, S, A or M exposure modes. In preset scene modes ISO Control: ON lets the camera set the best ISO depending on the scene chosen with the knob on the top left of the D50. I'd leave this ON. If turned OFF it lets you drive and set the ISO in the scene modes. If you're using the scene modes you may as well let Nikon drive. [/align] [align=left]10: ISO AUTO: This lets the camera increase the ISO automatically as the light fades. I would use it all the time, except that a firmware flaw leaves this active even in manual exposure mode. If you set it to ON you have the option to select the lowest shutter speed the camera will use before it starts to increase the ISO.[/align][align=left]Source: http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d50...nus-custom.htm[/align][align=left]
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Got it! Thanks Ray for the research!

I think turning them off, would mean the ISO selection is User-Priority.

And from the statement "...This lets the camera increase the ISO automatically as the light fades..." I guess the D50 would try to use as low ISO as possible first, and ONLY increase it AS A LAST RESORT, when Apeture/Shutter auto-adjustment CANNOT sastisfy the required exposure level.

i.e. fit my appetite very well ))
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I don't know about the D-50 but the Auto ISO works perfect on My D-200. On the D-200 You can set the ISO to a certain point of your choosing. I just let mine go to 1600 if need be. My low end is 100. It is set to increase at 1/3 stop at A time. I use aperture prefered and set My aperture to F-5.6 or F-8 and let the camera do the work. It sure takes a load off my mind not worrying to readjust the ISO when doing a wedding and reception. I can still go down to F-4.5 if I have to. So far I have not had to touch the ISO or aperture for anything. All of My photo's are pretty consistent and need very little processing. Just a size and a levels adjustment is all I need to do. That and the large buffer are the features I like the best in the D-200.

Ronnie :|
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