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I'm about ready to buy a digital SLR. A friend has and loves his Nikon D70. I've been looking at the D50. ButI've been leaning toward the Pentax *ist side for two reasons --

One, I have a few old screwmount lenses, one of them particulary nice and Pentax claims compatibility with these using an adaptor.

How about Nikon? Is there such an adaptor the old Vivitar screwmount lenses for this camera?

The other reason, and this one's a biggie and a pet peeve of mine -- batteries. In this day and age of NiMH rechargables especially -- I see no excuse for proprietary batteries. The Pentax uses AA's. You can buy them anywhere in a pinch.

Are there battery pack options for the D50 that would allow me to get around this limitation and use batteries that can be purchased about anywhere?

I like the idea low noise at high ISO, which the D50 seems to have over the Pentax *ist's. Also, apparently the D50 auto-focuses faster at low light levels. My Olympus digital camera has the same issue and it can be a bit irritating at times.

On the other hand, I suppose one could always manual focus. I mean, that's one of the reasons I want an SLR.

They're about the same price. Anyone have any input for me?


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Only Af lenses can be used with full functionality with the D50. Some older lenses may be used but without metering, so you would have to shoot in full manual.

In terms of batteries, I believe there are a few grips that will take AA batteries for the D50. However, I can't comment on the quality of these grips, or life of the batteries. I can tell you, the LI battery with the D50 will last forever on a charger. It will easily hold out for a day or two of shooting, and it also will hold a charge much longer while not being used, unlike AA's.It has been rated for up to 1000 shots. I find I have to constantly recharge AA's for my other cameras after not using them for a while. You can also pick up 3rd party batteries which work well, for $30-40. Although AA's are convenient, for me they don't last long enough, and the slow, constant discharge makes them inconvenient to use.
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This is what I like about the Nikon is the battery pack. The power it contains besides lasting forever on a single charge allows your flash to charge faster to get more shots in. Plus when I got my body from Cameta I got one of the packages that came with an extra battery so I have 2.

rjseeney wrote:
Although AA's are convenient, for me they don't last long enough, and the slow, constant discharge makes them inconvenient to use.
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