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I had this same dilemma. The deciding factors for me were, first, the FEEL of the camera. When I held the Nikon in my hands it just felt better. The Rebel was very small in my grasp and my fingers really had to curl into the grip. The second reason was PRICE. The Nikon was $100 less.

Both are great cameras. I previously owned and loved the Canon AE-1 (and still shoot with it occassionally).
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I understand your point. I have been careful while changing the lens but I can see that there is something in my viewfinder. It is not on the mirror or on the lens abone the mirror. It is between the eyepiece and the lens above mirror. I don't know how could it get there. Sending for service will keep me out of camera so, I am shooting with this annoying thing in the viewfinder. Has someone got an idea to get rid of it?

rjseeney wrote
The whole dust issue is overblown. Cleaning is easy, and even monor dust can be cleaned up in post, and is only really visible at small aperatures. Using just one lens will not eliminate dust. Dust will eventually work its way onto the sensor even if you never change lenses. P&S digicams get dust on the sensor and their lenses are fixed to the camera!! An extra shutter would not prevent dust from getting on the sensor. That shutter would have to open at some point in time (like taking pictures!!) and any dust it trapped would likely end up on the sensor anyway. As long as you're careful, dust will not be an issue.
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I don't care the dust on the VF.

But will the dust on the VF ever drop onto the CCD?

Logically I think such dust-path exists, i.e. it's just the same as the optical path
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I got the D50 after some research on the net, especially reading reviews and opinions of different users. At the end of the day, the 350D's price was unjustified to me. If I were to do it again, I still wouldn't choose the Canon but I would think twice about getting a KM 7D/5D or the D70s. What I absolutely love about Minoltas is the small amounts you pay for lenses compared to Nikons.
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thought I would add some info or opinion as it is. Firstly I own the D50 with just the kit lens. Secondly I love it. Take it almost everywhere just incase I want to shoot something.

As mentioned the Rebel is too small too light weight and not as well built as the D50, three reasons alone not to purchase it really in my books. Secondly it has been, as of before feb this year, approx 6years since I took a shot with my old nikon slr film camera. And back then I knew nothing about photography. It was all hit and miss for me back then.

Now with the D50 I have managed to learn more about photography and how to take decent pictures in the last 4 months than I did with my slr in the year or so I was playing with it. And I dont' just use auto mode either, in fact I hardly ever touch it as I really don't like the flash that much. To give an indication on what a D50 can do for you I have taken 14.7gig of shots, some of those files are psd files for PS, but there are 4850shots in my folders atm. Not all are good of course and alot of experimenting has and will continue to be done. However now I am taking shots that I can sell. They aren't everyones taste but I have had interest for my shots to be put up and sold locally. Which is great. As well as a few friends who want their photos taken, it all adds up to good news as far as I am concerned.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

That is my flickr gallery. That shows what I have been doing lately and what I have accomplished with my camera so far. I have yet to get myself a new lens as I simply can't afford it, but hopefully that will all change.

I can't really say much more other then go with your instinct if you want but I do hope they are nikon instincts. And good luck with your purchace if you do go nikon cause you will love it.

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I too was undecided between the Rebel and the D50. I went to my local Comp USA store and "played" with each one. The D50 just felt better. It was a little larger and a little heavier than the Canon. My first real digital camera was a Nikon Coolpix 800 (3MP). It took amazing photos thanks to the little fixedNikon lens, so I have a soft spot in my heart for Nikon. Plus the fact that when I dropped the coolpix and had to have it repaired I was able to take it to the Nikon repair center on Long Island and get it back within 2 weeks. All of these features plus the reasonable price swayed me toward the D50. If the UPS tracking site is correct my new toy should be arriving today. I can't wait to get home, charge up the battery and start shooting.
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Before I got my D50 I did a lot of reading for about 2 months of any reviews professional/customer/stores and digested a lot of material.

One thing that struck me in doing all this research is that the majority of people who got the Cannon just said they liked the Cannon almost none said anything about liking it better than a single competitors product. However, when you looked at the majority of Nikon and Pentax reviews the people said they had looked at brand X and liked their Camera better because of Y. So since they had reasons for going for their camera over the others instead of just saying I like my camera I focused more on the Nikons and Pentax cameras.

I also went to a store and picked up the Rebel, D50 and D70s to see how they are felt and seemed to be constructed. In the end of all my research and effort I went with the D50 and have been very pleased with the results.
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I was in the same boat choosing. I went with the Nikon D50 and got a bundle deal with Costco for $799.00. I got a Nice Nikon Bag, SD Card and 2 lenses (28-80 and 70-300 Nikkor). It came down to the "Feel" of the camera. I love it so far.*
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