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Hi everyone and thanks in advance for answering my question.

I upgraded to the Digital SLR era (D50) about a month ago and I am in love with my camera!

I've been taking a photography class and have decided to start experimenting with shooting in Raw.

Now here is the question, and please forgive me if this is a silly question. How do I develop a photo taken in .NEF?

I'm using Photoshop Elements 4.0 to edit the photos and when I save the work, it saves as a .dng.... so is there something I'm missing? Do I have to then convert it to .jpg (which to me seems like it would defeat the whole purpose of shooting in RAW.

I have a feeling this is a silly question, so please berate me, if necessary.
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Raw format is the complete untouched, unprocessed image. When shooting Jpeg, the camera processes the this raw data based on the camera settings, compresses it and writes the image as a JPEG. All raw images need to be processed, and once they are processed they are no longer RAW. The advantage to shooting raw is that it gives you a little more flexibility in exposure and white balance. Raw does not automatically give you the highest quality image, it only gives you the most info to work with when processing your image.

The DNG image that PSE writes is the edited Raw data...you wouldn't want to overwrite the originaly data in case you need to make adjustments if your not happy with the prints or final images. Most of the time for printing, after you've done further work on the DNG image, the image is saved to TIFF (lossless compresion, bigger files) or JPEG (lossy compression, smaller files).
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