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I just got my D50 two days ago and I have enjoyed taking many pics. UnfortunatleyI feel like I have yet to shoot a great picture. I am using the Tamron 18-200 as this is the only lense that I have for the time being. I have tired AF and Manual but have left the top dial to AUTO the entire time. For the most part it seems like the subject or object I am concentrating on is a bit blurry, but around the center it sometimes is very clear. When I do use the zoom the blurryness could be camera shake but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. For the time being here is a pic of some flowers in the backyard that where taking from the inside of my bedroom through a window. This pics was just resized to 600 x 480 using infranview. I will try and post something more useable picsfor critiqueing.
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Shooting through a window could be what's causing the softness in this shot. That being said, this subject is a tough focus situation. There are tons of elments and converging and intersecting lines. AF will struggle because there is no clear subject. To get everything in the fram in focus, you would need a smaller aperature (larger fstop number).

Also you should be aware the lens you are using is prone to softness at the extremes. Superzooms almost always suffer from lack of sharpness and distortion.
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Thats a difficult photo to judge it on really as there is no main point for the AF to focus on. If I were you for a short like that try aperture priority and use as small an aperture (high f number) as possible to increase the clarity throughout. In a dark shot like that as well you could either try upping the ISO or adding one notch of exposure compensation.
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