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I am debating between investing in the Canon EOS 30D & Nikon's D200.* I love my Nikon N70 & I am love Nikon.* The lense issue doesn't apply to me since I only have two lenses for my film camera.**I personally do more shooting in situations that aren't practical.* I love long exposures, and low light situations.* From what I read the Nikon performs poorly in higher ISO's compared to the Canon camera.* I am just curious to see anyone's thoughts.*Also* how great is the wireless flash option?* I was reading about it & it sure seems interesting.* Is Canon's wireless system at all comparable?Thanks
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I don't have a Canon but I do have a Nikon D200 and shoot weddings in very low light with no problems at all. I use an 18/200 "VR" Nikon lens and the last wedding I did was shot at ISO 1000 and shot at 1/[email protected] F-5.6using an SB800 flash in a church where they turned the lights way down and lit a bunch of candles. The pictures turned out perfect in every way. I'm sure a canon would probably do the job just as well but I can only vouch for the Nikon. I was using a D100 with a 24/120 "VR" lens and the new width and reach of the 18/200 "VR" sure makes shooting a little easier. The reception was in a penthouse on Daytona Beach with A full glass window and all sorts of mixed lighting. The D200 with auto ISO and auto White balance performed perfect. I could have done good with the D100 but it would have been much more remembering settings as the sun went in and out all afternoon.

My D200 with MB-D200 Battery pack using two batteriesalong with the 18/200 "VR" lens and SB800 flash on a press T bracket using a Nikon SC-29 flash cord and a couple of Sandisk extreme III compact flash cards are all I need to do anything that needs to be photographed. It sure beats the 50 puonds of Hasselblad equipment I used to have to lug around.

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(How do you separate paragraphs on this board??) --Anyway, to answer your question; The wireless flash system is easy to use and extremely accurate. I use occassionally but a friend of mine depends on it daily and has never been disappointed.*Now, about low light situations. Nikon has made huge improvements with noise in the D200. This is the camera I use daily, even though I also have a D2X and D2H. I've been shooting for 35 years and I cannot tell the difference between images shot with the D2X and the D200, when it comes to noise. I'm very happy with the results I get shooting in low light, even up to ISO 800. Very little noise when properly exposed. But, properly exposed frames are vital to minimizing noise.I still think Canon has the edge when it comes to noise and high ISO's, but Nikon is really close with the D200, plus its less money. If you've been a fan of Nikon and want to stay with Nikon then the choice of a D200 is a good one, you won't be disappointed.
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I saw another thread where it seems to be a browser problem - try a different one & see if it works then.


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(How do you separate paragraphs on this board??)
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