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Yesterday I was shooting some ducks and birds at a local park and Idecided that I would try shooting in the Raw mode for a while soI switched my camera to the Raw plus jpg mode, knowing that the jpg file was going to be in basic qualityI didnt expect much from them. WhenI got home andI looked at the pics, I was very surprised at the quality of the basic jpgs. I even compared them to the raw file and was surprised at that too.

So todayI shot a pic in each of the 9 quality settings except rawand here are the results.

All of these pics are crops from original pics and notihng has been done to them except cropped and resized, so to have a better comparson of quality. I tried to cropclose to the same area's of the pics so to be able to judge the quality better.

Let me know what you all think and please don't hesitate to comment

I was so surprised at the great quality of the basic setting, even tho I will never shoot in small and basic unless i just need to have over 3000 pics on one 2gb memory card and don't care much about quality and size, it is quite interesting to see the results.

This may not bea good way to test the quality of the settings on the camera but i am open to suggestions.

This is large and fine

This is large and normal

This is large and basic

This is medium size (4 mpz) and fine

This is Medium and normal

This is Medium and basic

This is Small and Fine

This is small and normal

And this is small and basic

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At the small web viewing size you will not likely notice any difference. Even when viewing at normal size on a monitor, differences will not be that noticeable. However, if you were to view 100% crops of each photo, or printed large files (8x10 or larger) the differences in file size would become noticable.
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RJ thanks for the comment. I was just surprised that there was very little differance in the basic quality from the fine

I had a Maxxum 5d beforeI got the D50 and the quality on it at low was very noticable compared to the fine one, of course it has extra fine too, but the low setting on that camera was totally unuseable for any reason at all and i actually expected the same form the Nikon D50, but was surprised at the better quality of the basic setting on the Nikon

I love my6 new Nikon D50

but not as much asI do my future new Nikon D200, maybe for Christmas


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I agree there is not a lot of difference with the different JPEG settings, UNTIL you start doing significant post processing. The two problems I find with higher compression are exageration of the JPEG artefacts when you do a fair bit of sharpening, particularly after heavy cropping and some levels adjustements, and also when I have an even tone such as the sky and do a large levels adjustment or convert to monochrome.

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