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Curious if you can help. Some may recall some of this history in similar posts but I'm hoping this one will be VERY specific to the d50 and defaulting the camera out for better indoor shots...

In my own, unscientific side-by-side comparison, I was BLOWN AWAY by the color differences between the d50 and Rebel XT. Outside, the d50 was head and shoulders above the Rebel in color performance. (I have more than a few others who felt the same way, 9 out of 10 picks, over and over and over.) Yes, the pictures were viewed on a (good) computer monitor, not the camera's LCD. Yes, the cameras were defaulted out as best we could and the Rebel even moved to ISO 200 as that was the lowest setting for the d50. Point is, while unscientific, effort was put in to make it an apples to apples comparison. Then, the exact opposite happened indoors. Only difference, I trusted the clerks opinion that we move both cameras up to ISO 400.

Now, unable to live with, "all cameras are very close, you won't see a difference," "which one feels better," "get over it and go buy a camera" replies, I had to keep digging. I DID see a major difference and so did everyone else who saw the pics.

WHAT I FOUND WAS THAT THE D50 DEFAULTED TO EVEN A DIFFERENT COLOR MODE THAN THE D70. It defaulted to IIIa versus the d70's Ia. Manual states this mode "Produces nature and landscapes shots with VIVID colors." It seems to default to a more "vivid" color mode. That could explain its better color performance outside. But could it hinder its performance inside?

My question: Could this have had any affect on my indoor shots where the d50 did NOT measure up to the Rebel/350? What OTHER settings should I look for to default out the d50 and get better indoor shots?

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Certainly a sample photo would help. Here is a sample photo taken with my D-50 using a Sigma 30mm F1.4 lens.

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Just a guess: the Nikon's default color setting at the higher ISO's necessary for indoor shots would create more color noise especially in the shadows. Try reducing color saturation a notch or two and compare again.

Thanks for your post. The Nikon D50 and Canon Rebel are the two cameras I'm considering for my first dSLR. Please tell us the results for further experimentation.

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