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rey wrote:
The D50 battery has incredible longevity. People are not lying when they say they can take over 1000+ shots on one charge. This is including looking at the monitor and navigating the menus. Your results will vary based on how you use the camera, but you should get at least 1000 shots on one charge.
That's not true.* The most I've gotten on my D50 was 700 shots :-):-):-)

I normally wouldn't recommend 3rd party battery, but I've read good results, on another site, from people who got this:


They ran tests on it, and it actually have more capacity than Nikon battery.* I'll probably get one for my Labor Day weekend trip.

I recently got one of these

and so far have had sucess with it. Seems to last as long as my OEM battery and the camera has no issues with it.

I'm not using as my primary battery more of a backup but I did run it through a full charge by taking about 400 pictures many with full flash and leaving the camera on inbetween sessions. took me nearly 3 days to run it down actually.

Additionally if you check out my thread in this forum there are deals to be had on the D50. The prices have recently fallen and for example if you can find one in an office Depot you may be able to score a D50 kit for $499!!
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