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I'm thinking of buying a DSLR in the future, but not in a hurry since my Nikon 8400 is adequate for now. If I can wait a year or18 monthscould the price of the D80 go down to the $600 range? And there's also refurbs available after the camera comes out in substantial numbers. Thoughts?
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I'm sure the price will drop, but I doubt you'll see a $300-$400 drop to get it to the $600 range. Also, in 18 months or so you'll likely see a D50 replacement that incorporates many of the features found in the D80, while stripping a few others (ala the D50 vs the D70) that retains much of if not possessing better image quality. Whenever you buy your camera, waiting for the price to go down or a better model to come out is always an option, but is the option that leaves you without a new camera. I prefer to buy at the beginning of a product cycle rather than the end. That way, you get to use the newest technology for the longest period of time, getting the most value out of it. Waiting 18-24 months gets you outdated technology, and forces you to hold on to it longer putting you further behind the curve at the end of your cameras life.
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