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D80 is coming with SD Card. I am wondering if camera support SD 1.1 20MB/s interface or the basic one 1.01 with max. speed 10MB/s?
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I guess some one at Nikon had a real brain fart by not using the CF cards in the D80.

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Ronnie948 wrote:
I guess some one at Nikon had a real brain fart by not using the CF cards in the D80.

Not really. Alot of D50 owners will be moving up and the D50 uses sd. The other market is those new to DSLRs, who likely have SD cards in their old camera. It doesstink for those D200 owners who want a backup, but memory is so cheap these days, it's not really that big of a deal. SD also allows the form factor to remain slightly smaller.
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I didn't get the answer for my question regarding SD 1.1 or 1.01 interface support, but I can provide some feedback on SD vs CF issue.

A few things about CF, which will eventually make it absolute:

1- Parrallel interface in CF card has physical limitation to speed up clk (sort of ..). The same issue forced PC market to move from parrallel PCI and PCI-X interfaces to high speed serial interface with up to 16 parrallel lanes (PCI-E-16). The same is happening with Hard Drive interfaces. From parrallel ATA (with flat cables) it is moved now to serial SATA interface with higher data tranfer rate. New serial interfaces are based on twisted pair of wires (with ~10mm step), which can run at very high speed. Some modern interfaces (for example HDMI interface) have up to 3 twisted pair (lanes), which can run at 240MHz (HDMI 1.3).

2- Reliability: For 50 pins connector in CF card is much lower compare to very durable SD connector. Contacts are the major issue in electronics when something is not working prorerly.

3- Price: The cost to manufacture SD card is much lover as it is really single discret memory chip, which is not require any soldering at all. In opposite CF card has memory controller, flash memory and several more discret components on it, which require soldering. Soldering process itsel is not perfect and many CF cards going to garbage bin before they get packaged in the nice body we all use to see.

4-Form factor: it can say for itself. No comments.

32GB SD card will be available in 2 years from now.

I believe the market in the nearest future will go with SD card rather than with CF card.

Look at Panasonic SD card based camcorder. I believe other brands will go with solid memory in its own camcorders pretty soon as flash memory price go down day by day.

I am not pretending for absolute opinion and you may disagree with me.

Thank you,

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Old Aug 22, 2006, 12:30 AM   #5
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Good point, Andrei! :shock:
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Old Aug 26, 2006, 2:19 AM   #6
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"I am not pretending for absolute opinion and you may disagree with me."- Andrei

No, you are not. Thanks for your clarification which has brought me around when seeing that Nikon uses the SD card on its new camera.

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I think they would have to support 1.1, its better technology and you would think they would have to think of the future. But I am curious myself and will have to look that up.

D200 Owner
All Nikon

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Sorry Andrei, I don't have an answer but a comment. I am a Pentax *istDL owner, my camera uses SD. I was hesitant at first, my other cameras all used CF cards and, at the time at least, SD was more expensive than CF. Now I cannot see myself going back to CF cards unless there was no other choice.

1) The mechanics of inserting and ejecting the cards is much simpler (and of course the contacts are more durable than all those little pins)

2) The speed issue for basic cards is not as serious. (No longer an issue with the low price of faster cards these days)

3) Canon is currently using a dual card CF and SD in their pro model cameras, hints that SD is gaining acceptance at the higher levels.

4) SD is becoming a very universal format in other devices as well such as mp3 players.

The big disadvantage of the tiny SD cards is that they are easy to lose. You can drop a CF card in your pocket and always know it is there but SD can get lost in the folds.

I don't think Nikon has made an error here, the D80 will probably be seen by most buyers as the next step up from the D50. This is a potentially much larger market than D200 owners looking for a backup camera ( and given the low cost of memory cards, and the inclusion of multi-card readers with most new computers, the fact that the cards are different is not the issue it was a couple of years ago.)

My wife's boss is a long time Nikon owner who has not yet gone digital. For him the D80 may be the best choice, reasonable choice with the high end features he would want. ( his current film camera is a Nikon N-90 with booster grip and he owns a 70-210mm (sic) f2.8 Nikkor, definitely a Nikon guy)

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