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Greetings All;

I hope this is the right forum to post this question. I've done bit of reading about the new D80 and I am a little confused on one aspect of the benefits of greater megapixels. If I shot a frame on my D70 and then using the same lens, ISO etc, shot the same frame on a D80, would the two resultant images be any different in terms of colour saturation, sharpness? Or is the principal difference more in the degree of enlargement possible before you encounter grain/noise? I realise that there are other techincal differences between these two cameras, but I am most curious about a side by side 8 x 10 comparison with as many of the variables as possible held to the same values.

Any insights greater appreciated.

Cheers, Erik
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All else being equal there would likely be slightly more detail on the higher rsolution image if you examined it closely, but to most people looking at it from a normal viewing distance they wouldn't any different.
The main advantages are the bigger print size thing you mentioned, but on top of that an increase the amount you would be able to crop an image before noise/pixelisation issues started occuring on smaller prints.
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I have been using 1.5MP camera to print my favorite photos in 36"x24" size and put them in the frame on the wall.

Many my friends and visitors amaised by looking at such pictures from 2-3 meters distance.

The same distance what we are keeping in museum when we are looking at oil paintings.

If you look closer it is a mess as we all know.

I am using the same idea for 36"x24" favorite pictures on my walls.

They look great from the distance and still quite good at a closer look.

My point:

If the image from 2MP camera is sharp enough it can be streatched to 36"x24" and look amazingly good from a distance of 2-3 meters (the same distance you watch the paintings in museum);

Try to print one sharp image at KINKO on 1.5 meters wide color photo printer (about $30 - $50 for one 36"x24" print depend on media).

Tip: save your image in JPG with min compression. Do not use BMP, TIFF or RAW formats => you will get pixalization. JPG in opposite will smoth out pixalization.

Recently I printed anothe 36"x24" picture from 10MP camera just for comparison and you can't believe me ... the 36x24 print from 2MP camera and 36x24 print from 10MP camera look the same (in terms of sharpnes) from 2-3 meters distance.


MPixels is not the only thing what is matter. The way you are preparing image and the way you are going to look at the image are also matter.

Ask yourself why you have to look at 36X24 image in the same way as you are looking at 4x6 image...from about 1-2 feet distance...

We are not looking at the modern TV with 60" diagonal from the same distance as we all look at 27-29 diagonal TV sets.

The same idea for photo. The bigger print size you have the bighger distance you have to use to look at it.

Thank you for accepting my comments.

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I'm looking for more megapixels so I can crop if i like.
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