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haans _gruber Feb 27, 2007 7:05 PM

I am looking to purchase a teleconverter. I plan to use it is both tripod and fast ction wildlife photography. Has anyone had an experience with these animals, can I save on a Tamron or Sigma version and how do they stack up to the Nikon/nikkor? I am going to try one with a 30 days or your money back if not satisfied basis. Question is, which one? and grey market or uSa. I don;t really see a lot going wrong with these but, then I could be wrong since they are microprocessor controlled.



haans :)

JDar Mar 9, 2007 7:55 AM


so much depends on the camera body and lens combination that you'll probably have a better chance for an answer from someone knowledgeable if you'll be more specific, starting with which camera body and lenses that you want to combine with the TC. Considering the Nikkor TC's they have some good information on their website to get you started.

rjseeney Mar 9, 2007 10:48 AM

TC's usually should not be used with slow, consumer zoom lenses. If your lens isn't a constant f 2.8, the corresponding loss of light will put you at a point where af will not work. Also, zoom lenses are typically weakest at there longest end (which is where you'll be using it, otherwise you wouldn't need a tc!!) and all these deficincies will be magnified. Sure you may get a few keepers, but I doubt you'll be consistently satisfied. Also, Nikon states that TC's cannot be used with their AFS lenses.

cameranserai Mar 12, 2007 2:48 AM

Therein lies the problem. Many of the consumer lenses will not accept the TC range. Anyway, at the longest setting and therefore using f6.3 (which will also reduce by one stop using the TC14E) the lens wouldn't properly autofocus except on the most bright of days. To reinforce this statement I have the 200/400 and even though this is f4 throughout I cannot use the TC20E for motor racing - the focus is too slow. If though, you have a lens that will take a teleconverter you might like to consider the Kenko range which is much cheaper than Nikon and has excellent reviews. You don't say which lens you have but an alternative solution would be to buy a Sima or other alternative telephoto lens.

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