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You also forgot about the other features beside speed: the silent focus of the ultrasonic drive and the full-time manual focusing overide (ie no AF/M lever/button to flip first)!
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murphyc wrote:
Yeah, I was talking about the 80-200 D AF non AF-S version, the one currently costing $700 after the $200 rebate.
It doesn't matter if you're buying new, but if you're buying used, be aware that there are TWO variants of the 80-200/2.8 AF-D. The older lens has one ring; the newer lens has two rings. They are both AF-D, non-AF-S, and the older one focuses much more slowly than the other.
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murphyc wrote:
From the research I've done, I am still confused about how fast the Nikon 80-200 (non AF-S version, I'm talking the one for about $700 with the current rebate) focuses. I've read everything from "it's 80% as fast in focusing as the AF-S" to "it's real slow". There seems to be quite a bit of conflicting information about the focusing speed. Would the 80-200 AFD be fast enough for sports or not? Lens would usually be used on a D1H, sometimes on a D70. I was ready to buy the Sigma but the rebates on the Nikon are tempting, especially when you consider build quality and resale value.
I was curious about this after reading the posts in this thread. So, I dug around and found this user review discussing how the AF performance on the non AF-S version works on different film bodies that you may find of interest. See the handling and performance section:

User Review discussing AF performance

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Old Dec 13, 2004, 6:53 PM   #24
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I ended up going with the Nikon 80-200. Just came today (along with Nikon 85/1.8) and did some quick indoor focusing tests with my D1H. Both lenses felt quite quick, real test will come later this week when shooting sports. I finally chose the Nikon over the Sigma 70-200 because:
1. Current $200 rebate means the Nikon is cheaper than the Sigma at most places (about same at Delta Int'l), so the usual Sigma advantage is negated.
2. Since I recently got the D1H and the zoom will usually be on that camera, the HSM of the Sigma became less important.
3. Reliability/durability track record. Nikon has been making this type of lens for many years and has a solid track record for building a tank-like lens. I still had questions in my mind about whether the Sigma would hold up to heavy sports shooting as well. Going along with that, to my way of thinking if you have a lens without an internal motor that could be good since the motor is one more thing that could go wrong.
4. Resale value: Again, strong track record in favor of Nikon. If I decide later lens isn't for me, I can just wait until after the current rebate offer is over and (assuming the next rebate isn't as much) sell the lens for as much or more than I got it for.
Having said all that, I still feel the Sigma would be an excellent choice. If I had just the D70, the extra speed alone would have probably led me to choosing the Sigma.
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Old Dec 14, 2004, 2:43 AM   #25
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I have both lenses, the 70/200VRIFED and the old 80/200 which I kept for my stone age F90X. So I put them both on the D70 today and did a comparison. and am to some degree wondering why I went to the expense of having the VRIFED. Both zoomed silently and I then added a TC14E to both and the old lens "hunted" a trifle more, but the resultant pictures were all good, and the difference in the focusing times was nanoseconds I reckon. Both are internal focusing so there is no polariser problems either. My 80/200 is the two ring newer version, but I must have had it 10 years and it is still a wonderful lens and a much cheaper alternative to the VRIFED, especially second hand.

I have written many times about this older lens because people become blinded by new items and think that they must, by default, be better than the old. Not so. Well done murphyc and I am sure you will have many great moment with your lens. I used mine for motor racing for many years with excellent results.
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Old Jan 6, 2005, 4:10 AM   #26
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cameranserai wrote:
I have both lenses, the 70/200 VRIFED and the old 80/200 which I kept for my stone age F90X. So I put them both on the D70 today and did a comparison. I then added a TC14E to both and the old lens "hunted" a trifle more,
Err.. I'm a bit confused here. Doesn't TC14E only work with AFS lens? So you must be having 80-200 AFS then. Or did you change the mount in the TC?
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Old Jan 6, 2005, 6:59 AM   #27
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how does the sigma hsm compare to the nikon af-s vbr one (for speed? i know there is a 600 price difference but why is it so much more?
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