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I'm upgrading from a DSCf-828, to a D70 and have noticed a few packs are avaliable. There's the standard pack which comes with the Nikon ED 18-70 mm lens, but there's also a pack, which is considerably cheaper, that comes with2 Sigma lenses. If I were to go for this pack - I could pay up to $500 LESS than the Nikon ED lenspack (given that I'd need to buy anotherzoom lens on top of the Nikon ED that comes in the pack) -am looking for some opinions on whether it isworth getting the ED lenses, and paying a lot more, or if the standard Sigma lenses are comparable (especially given the price difference). I've also heard that Sigma do a 18 - 185 (?) lens which is apparently very good with the D70 - any experience on this appreciated!
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I am a D70 owner. I currently own the Nikkor 18-35mm and 70-210mm. I do not own either of the lenses you mention in your post. It really depends on the quality your looking for in your photos. There is a reason why the Sigma's are much cheaper than the Nikon 18-70. Don't get me wrong, Sigma makes some good glass and I'm getting ready to purchase their new 150mm macro lens, but you get what you pay for. If your looking for quality I would go with the 18-70 or if your looking for average but decent pics the Sigma's will suit you. One thing I see is people purchase an inferior lens only to find that they are not happy with their purchase and decide on the more expensive lens they did not buy in the first place.

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Have you actually seen and held the lenses in the store? Do so. Sigma makes some decent stuff optically, but from what I've seen in stores and read about them (I've never used them personally, so take what I say with a grain of salt), their build quality is not at all on the same level as the Nikon lenses. Nikon lenses have resale value, while, as one person said, Sigmas should be considered "disposable." That may or may not appeal to you.
As a suggestion, you might start with a Nikon kit lens and then buy a Sigma as a second, just to have a basis for comparison. You could then use that experience when making decisions about future lenses. But do take a look at them in the stores before making a decision.

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