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Old Oct 27, 2005, 6:34 AM   #1
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:?hi all sorry if this been asked before but could not fiod the thread

i been looking at buying either the sigma 70-200mm f2.8 or the nikon F2.8 (i would like the sigma 120-300 but to many pound signs £££££££)

does anyone know if there is much difference between the 2 other than the price , i have read so much i am more confused :?now than ever and need a honest opions

cheers matt
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Old Nov 2, 2005, 3:00 PM   #2
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I haven't used the Nikon 80-200, but I own the Sigma 70-200 2.8 HSM and it is a well built, sharp lens that focuses quickly on my F-100. It's also less expensive than the more recent models of the Nikon 80-200. I would not trade it for the 80-200. Now, if you have the money, I would strongly recommend the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR which has gotten very fine reviews both for its sharp images and the effective Vibration Reduction. If I could afford one I'd own the Nikon 70-200 VR, but I'm saving for the D200 at the moment.

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Old Nov 2, 2005, 4:29 PM   #3
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hi many thanks for that , think it might be the sigma for the moment , but will have to wait till after xmas my job not llooking to stable at mo ,

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style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"thanks again matt
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The 80/200 Nikon was my portraiture lens for over 10 years. Sharp as a needle that one, but if buying second hand be sure to get the AF-D model. I have the 70/200 now but it is less well balanced on the cmaera than the older lens although the vR is worth its weight in gold. Everywhere I look there are good reports of the Sigma 70/200 though, with obviously the odd grumbles over quality - after all Nikon should produce a better quality lens at the price they charge. If funds are tight go for the Sigma but do your tests when it is new and send it back for a replacement if not satisfied, otherwise you won't go wrong buying a 2nd hand 80/200 Nikkor from a reputable dealer. I still use the lens now from time to time.
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I faced a similar call a year ago, ended up going with the Nikon mainly because there was a $200 rebate at the time plus it's very well known for its quality. A few times I've wished I had the Sigma since it has HSM and thus should be slightly quicker focusing, but the D1H focuses pretty fast so focus speed is often quite good (I shoot mainly sports). If you have a 'slower' body like the D70 or something in that range, I would say Sigma since the difference in focusing speed will show up on a slower body.
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