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Hey everybody, I'm new here. I'm looking to make the transition from an amateur prosumer camera to a more professional SLR. I'm drawn to the Nikon D200 because it's cheap and looks like a good buy, but enough of the small talk:

-I have been told that Nikkor lenses are the best out there (save maybe Leica or Hasselblads). Is this just biased "brand devotion," or are these people actually telling the truth?

-Nikkor lenses work with all Nikon SLRs, right? For example, I buy the D200 and some Nikkor lenses, decide to do some film work down the line, and buy a Nikon film body. Those lenses are still good for that? I know that's not the case with Canon cameras. That's what I've been told, just double-checking.

-If I'm going to drop $1000-plus on a body, I might as well go all out for the lenses too, right? I don't really need a lot to start with, and I'd like to buy the more high end. Maybe I'm just stupid and I haven't researched this entirley yet, but what exactley are the grades of Nikkor lenses? I mean, which ones are entry-, which ones are mid- and which ones are pro-level?

-And, does it really matter what type I get? I want a zoom (the Sigma 18-200 looks really nice, nevermind the digital conversion factor- 3x, right?- and I heard Nikon is making a lens of similar proportions), a fixed range (probably just a 28 or 35mm), and a fisheye. I'm looking to do all sorts of work, mainly portraits, photojournalism and street photography. Said simply, I want to make sure I'm buying lenses that I will be able to use through my entier carrear, should I be so moved.

Sorry if some of this has already been discussed or if it's quickly available on the 'net. I haven't begun any in-depth research yet and I figured I'd kick it off here. I'm hoping to get a basic setup together before I go to college and become offically broke for the next 4 or so years :-/.

Thanks, and cheers!

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Nikon make some excellent glass, as to whether they are the best I don't know they're certainly some of the best if you buy the top of the range. Nikon also make cheaper consumer lenses and these are not of the same quality.

As for lens compatibility it's not quite straight forward. There are DX lenses such as the 10.5mm Fish eye and 12-24 mm zoom that will not work with film as they are designed for the smaller digital sensor. Well they may work but they'll produce a circular image.

Other than that newer lenses won't work with older cameras and some of the older lenses won't work with the newer film cameras or DSLRs.

However other than the DX lenses if you are talking new lenses and a new film camera you should be OK.

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Current Nikon DSLR:s have DX sized sensors and thus crop factor is ~1.5
For example the new AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED
is actually AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 27-300mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED when attached to DX camera.

DX lenses will work with film (or full frame) cameras but there can be massive vignetting on some focal lengths.

D200 will work with almost all nikon lenses made since 1977 so there should be no problems.
However some old lenses may suffer from chromatic abberations or loss of sharpnessa when used with DSLR.
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