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I've decided upon the D50 over the Canon 350 for ergonomics and cost/perfomance. Now, next question - which lens(es) to get?

Grew up on manual film 35mm cameras with metering; now getting into DSLR. Like Audioedge, I'm looking for advice on which lens to start with; I've scanned the prevous posts, but did not seem to find answers to my specific questions. BTW, I'd love to try the new Nikon 18-200 VRII, but am not willing to spend that kind of money. Sooo,

For a basic zoom - is the Nikon 18-70 that much better than the D50 kit 18-55 to justify double the price? For a longer reach, should I go with the Nikon 55-200 (kit lens) or grab a Nikon 70-300 or Tamron 70-300 for less money? (Can't seem to find a used Nikon 70-210D at a price I can justify) Does the 55-200 have as much pincushion distortion as some claim? What about the 70-300 getting soft over 200mm?

I Will be using both lenses for all around photos - everything from indoor headshots and activities to exterior kids' sports, travel, etc. I do plan on picking up the Nikon 50mm 1.8 (maybe the 35mm) prime(s) later for lower light indoor shots, but what about now to get started - need the benefit of the group's experience and knowledge. Thanks
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I've decided on the d50 and I am having the dilemma of which kit to choose.

The 18-55 which is going got £430 or the 18-70 which is an extra £150 at £580. If I was to get the 18-70mm seperately, it will be another £200

have a look at this review http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/1870.htm

I intend to get the basic 18-55mm to get myself started and invest in the 18-200mm at a later date.

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For starting, 18-55 and 55-200mm.

If you can find 70-210mm f/4-5.6 (fast, sharp and strong) go with 18-70mm.

Welcome to Nikon world...

(you shouldconsider18-200mm VRII)
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Actually I'd prefer the 18-70 over the D50 kit lenses. From what I've read (excluding the bs Clown Rockwell tells us), I think that the higher price is justified. I used the 18-70 kit lens (on my D70) for over a year. I also played around with some cheaper lenses (not the D50 kit lens, but surely comparable lenses) and the difference is quite noticable.

I have the 18-200 VRII lens now. That one rocks (as a all-purpose lens).
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Welcome to the D50 side of the pond. You'll get great advice here (as you have already). I own the 2 lens kit 18-55, 55-200 and feel like for a newbie it gieves me the possibilities I wanted to start with. LIKEWISE, I already know that I'm making a list (and checking it twice) to add more and better lenses when my skills catch up to my wants. Honestly, I'm not qualified to technically critiique any shortcomings of the kit lenses but even factoring my lack of skill and the great skill of those who post photos with some of the lenses mentioned here on other 'galleries' I know that there is another dimension out there. Just my 2 cents worth from a sub-amateur trying to learn the camera and photography at the same time. My dream is to get the 50mm/1.8, a wide angle, and the super new VRII lens. But dreams take a long time to come to fruition.



p.s.. I'm mostly shooting outdoors in low light until the time changes and the seaon changes with an ongoing project to chronicle a 20-story building starting from a whole in the earth, my parent's pond and its duck residents as well as the 20 ft (??) water fountain at the other end of the pond. I also have 4 large dogs and 5 cats in low indoor light I'm trying to capture a few moments with. Mostly the german shepherd mix (rotten 1 year old) with her breed eyeliner and pure innocence seems to be quite photogenic in spite of my limitations and use of flash indoors.
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