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Was originally thinking about getting a f/1.8 50mm prime lens However, before I spent the money I thought that maybe I would get a f/1.4 instead for a little more versatility in certain situations.

Most of my lower light shooting will be indoors vs outside at dusk/night.

Comparing the 50mm Nikon lens (1902) to the 30mm Sigma, I am going to assume that the Nikon is going to be a bit sharper, but how much added convenience do you think there would be to having the 30mm lens vs the 50mm? Enough to justify spending the extra $$ on the Sigma and probably losing a little sharpness?

Before someone mentions the Nikon 28mm f/1.4 (1921), the $2400 price tag it isn't an option.

Here is an objective review of the Sigma

This is the best I could find in reviews of the Nikon

Thanks for the inputs.

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Looking at cost vs benefits, the f/1.8 wins hands down. The 1.4 is only 1/2 stop faster, and is 3x the price. Also, DOF is very shallow at f 1.4 making focus a bit more difficult.
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For every person I read the prefers the 1.4 to the 1.8, I find someone else who thinks the 1.8 is just as suitable....

However, I do understand that the 1.4 lens has better bokeh, and in some lower light situations that extra 1/2 stop will make the difference between getting the picture and missing it. I was considering spending the extra money to have the flexibility to get the shot in the lower light without having to buy another lens later.

My real debate though is how valuble is it to have a normal lens. That is one of the big reasons people liked the 50mm in film photography, so does it make sense to drop down to 30mm to get that in digital?

Sigma does make a 28mm 1.8 but based on reviews, and the price difference I would probably spend the extra money for the 1.4
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Frankly the f1.4 issue ismore a matter of lens lust because in most situations the focus issue dominates and the DOF with the f1.4 is so shallow that it is more a studio lens than a walkabout one IF you acutally use f1.4 all the time. Personally since 50mm is the equivalent of 75mm on a digital camera I'd go for the 30mm lens every time especially for indoor use. F1.8 or f1.4? What about upping the ISO a bit to compensate? I've used a 85mmf1.4 but frankly don't see what everyone raves about except for very special portraits or other circumstances. Get the 35mm f2 Nikkor or the Sigma is my advice.
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I really think this becomes more a matterwhich lens really fits your shooting style. I own the Nikkor 50mm F 1.8 and I have ordered the Sigma 30mm F 1.4 because both lenses really fit my shooting style quite well.

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