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So the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens was the first lens for my D50. I figured it would be an excellent lens to learn on, as well as serve as my low-light portrait lens.

I am new to DSLR's.

One thing I can't figure out is on the lens, there is an aperture lock which locks it a f/22. But even with it in the locked position, the control panels on my D50 still show a changing aperture - dependant on the conditions. It's not that I actually want to lock the lens at f/22, I'm just more trying to figure out how this function works. Is it for older camera bodies, and obsolete on the D50?

From the 50mm manual:
"For programmed auto or shutter-priority auto exposure shooting, use the minimum aperture lock lever to lock the lens aperture at f/22"

Thanks for any help.
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The aperture ring is designed for backwards compatiblity with older models where the aperture is controlled by the aperture ring.

With newer Nikon models (and even some not so new Nikon models), you have to set the aperture ring to the smallest aperture (highest f/stop number) so that the camera can "talk" to the lens.

The aperture is controlled by the camera, not the aperture ring on the lens with newer Nikons. This applies to all modes (even Aperture Priority).

Even a Nikon N4004s I bought around 15 years ago works this way (set aperture ring to f/22 and set the aperture via the camera).

Some newer lenses don't even have an aperture ring.

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Thank you, Jim. So it's just for older camera bodies as I thought.

I will just "lock" it at f/22 and forget about it.
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