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I am looking at a Camera and lens combination. I would like an all round lens to eliminate or at least vastly reduce lens changes.

I am basically a beginer. I wanted a 18-200mm lens. I realise the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens is probably the best, but my question is that will it make any differencefor me?

I am comparing it here to either the Tamron or Sigma 18-200mm which are less than half the price. Primarily this camera is for family use. I realise the obvious difference aside from price is the VR mode. Would this make a notable difference for me, or is this really a step beyond the distance I need to go? Will the VR assist in reducing the blur when fully zoomed in on the subject?

I have noticed also a Sigma 18-125mm lens available. This may to suit my purpose. (just wondering if the 200mm is too difficult hand held)

I am stretching my budget here, I just feel that better to spend a larger ammount to achieve a better result than to waste a lesser ammount totally. i just like the idea of being able to zoom in on my children, it serves little purpose to be able to do that but not be able to take a quality photo without a tripod.

I know there are similar threads out here, but they get rather deep quickly. I am simply after some honest suggestions.

Any advise appreciated.

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I think Nikkor 18-200 is a very good all around lens for beginners like you. The VR is a good feature which will help you take better pictures easier. If you can afford and can find one get it.I think it is worth while to buybest lens you can afford. You might not see the differences with your present 6 mp camera but your next camera will very likelybe more than 10 mp as DSLRlike pc will become better and cheaper every year. When that time come your cheap lenses may become the bottle neck.

I was thinking of buyingone (18-200)last week to be use as a walkaround lens. I walk in our garden every morning with a camera hanging on my neck. Comparing it with the VR 105 for a while I decided on the VR 105. Most of what I plan to shootthe 18-200 can not do. Do not expectyou can glue it to your D50.:?

Here is a picture I took this morning, while watching the orchid with very sweet smell I saw this dangerous Tiger Mosquito.I am glad I had the D50 and the VR105 with me.:-)

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For a lens to just put on the camera and leave it for everything you can't go wrong with the 18/200 Nikon "VR" lens. I just shot a complete wedding with this lens and the pictures are all perfect. It is a very good all around use lens.

If you bought a lens every day you could worry about the extra expense, But you are only buying one lens to do it all so I think spending the few extra bucksgetting the Nikon 18/200 "VR" would be your best choice.

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As a beginner you will only be interested, at least at the start, with pointing the camera and pressing the shutter release. Later on you'll get into aperture and shutter priority etc. and perhaps a lot more if photography interests you a lot. The D50 is a sound choice and I couldn't applaud more the choice of the 18/200 as a lens that will go everywhere and do everything. Over 10 years back I bought the 24/120 which served me well in four continents as a general purpose lens and with which I took good photos. However, to answer your questions:-

As regards the VR, this will of course cope with hand shake but not if the lens itself is not focussed properly but, especially at the 200mm end, will enable you to get very sharp pictures and will especially help in lower light levels. If you try this lens having already bought a Sigma you'll kick yourself for not going the extra mile.

125mm or 200mm? For good portraiture, casual wildlife photography, a bit of motor sport, catching the kids playing from a reasonable distance - go for the 200mm. You'll never regret it. 200mm is fine hand held - it is only when you get up to the big lenses that the sheer weight needs a tripod.

I just wish this lens had been available a while back for travelling. That said, it is now on my shopping list once prices drop a bit for everyday use as well as professional use. I'll carry the D70 with the 18/200 at all times even when using the D2X and specific lenses - you never know when it will capture that magic shot. Go for it - you will never regret it.

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