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Mine has crept from day one, but that's basically my only complaint about it.
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I am so excited about getting mine (ordered from Ritz on Friday for $749.99 with free shipping) that I don't care if it creeps or not!

Getting stoked for a trip to Switzerland in mid September with my D40.
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Old Aug 21, 2007, 12:35 PM   #13
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Well, looking at some of the comments above perhaps Nikon should bring out an 18/200 VR f2 lens for the pros? It would weigh in at 18lbs but would be fantastically accurate with no creep. If you can lift it that is.

I have an old 24/120 f3.5/5.6 from over 10 years back here. I never tried to use it instead of my pro lenses but took it for what it is, a useful everyday travelling catch-all lens. Similarly my new 18/200. I don't expect a lens of this versatility to be perfect, and surely not at the price. My 12/24 and17/55 on the other hand, I expect to last for ever and provide stellar results. But I paid a price for that quality too, a price much higher than is paid for the 18/200.

Be realistic people; this is a consumer lens but in its way a superb lens. As regards the creeping, I was brought up to always have my left hand under the lens to stabilise things (human VR if you like) and with the new G series lenses that also enables me to ensure that creep doesn't occur. I recommend you all do the same.
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Wont do it, no one is going to be able to afford such a lens or 18-200mm VR F2.8.

Thats the cost of a 17-55mm DX Plus 70-200mm VR You do the math. And you be carrying a rocket launcher!

When Nikon does such a thing they have a reputation of their name on the line. One of the reasons is the distortion is extremly hard to control. Have a read about 18-200mm VR distortion folks before some people keep thinking this is one King of the lens. I can see many newbies everytime screaming their heads off thinking this lens is almighty and refuse to see other lenses which can perform just as well. The 17-55mm DX has already issues on the distortion and was able to give it some control. the 18-200mm VR had one of the worse average in this area. However this still can be fixed with software nowadays.

To make a 18-200mm F2.8 its going to be one heck of a heavy lens not to mention VR to be included. I think personally you wont be able to hand held for such a lens so your VR becomes pointless. Such a lens will cost 6K? and any avg person cant afford it not to mention the 17-55mm DX is already out of reach for quite a few.

Besides, you dont see ANY other brand having one do you? Is probably the same reasons.

Nikon should just improve on the 18-200mm VR by solving an easy issue of the lens creep, at best F4 constant is what you can try to hope for but I doubt so. Again not here to bash any lenses, the 18-200mm VR is a good lens, it can be easily better.
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