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I have a D40x and it came with an 18-55mm lens. Then later on I bought the 55-200mm. I like using the 55-200 but during my first trip with 2 lenses, Idid not like switching lenses all the time. Now I am looking at the 18-200 which gets a lot of good reviews. It is kinda expensive however. Also I am worried about the f/stops. I haven't checked what I have with the 55-200 but at 55mm which lens has a small f number? 18-200 starts at 3.5I believe, and at 55 it is obviously a bigger number. I wanna say my 55-200 starts at 3.5 so it sounds like a faster lens. Also does the quality change that I would notice? I am an amateur photographer but I do shoot in manual all the time and mess with the settings.

I have a trip coming up next week and I will be doing a lot of travelling and I wanna make a decision about the 18-200 lens. Should I buy it? Also the Tamron looks cheaper but it does not have VR which is a must for me at that focal length. In addition, if I buy it, what do I do with my existing lenses? Do I keep them or try to sell them? Hopefulyl someone experienced a similar situation. Sorry for the long post with bunch of questions. Oh also this is my first post, hello everyone!

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Your now at a point of decision that lots of photographers at any level face. How to go from what I have now to something better. That better is relative to your needs. Alot of this is based on how you shoot your photos.

Based on what you listed you are worried about the speed of the lense, while at the same time worried about the quality of picture I believe. I own the 18-200 and it is a nice all in one lense, but like any other it does have minor issues.

I've tried writing the next couple of paragraphs and keep hitting walls on how best to help you. However after writing pros and cons for both ideas I wasnt happy with my answers due to the sheer number of possibilites. Take a little time and read through and run some searches on the questions you have and gain some more knowledge to allow you to make a more informed decision.

I do have some questions for you to think about.

Do you want 1 lense only because of the hassel of switching? Or is it a weight/disablity issue?

IF you kept the 2 lenses you have, what other lense would you consider purchasing, 700.00 is a big chunk of change we could spend 20 different ways and make you a happy person.

What percentage are pictures inside/outside? close up/far away? zoomed in/wide angle.

Which version of the 55-200 do you own?? With or with out VR?

Answer those and we can give you a better response.

Welcome to the forum,

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First of all, thank you for the reply.

I have the VR 55-200 and I like the VR function a lot. And yes, I guess the biggest reason is that I do not want to switch lenses all the time. I will still carry my other lenses with me, but I just don't want to miss a shot or switch lenses every 10 minutes.

I will be visiting historical places during my next trip, I will be doint indoor and outdoor shooting both. I am not sure about the percentage. But I would say 65% outdoor, 35% indoor.

For example,we will be taking a a boat tour andI know I will have to zoom into a bridge orold houses, historical places along the shores. Meanwhile I will want to take a picture of my friends with a short focal length. So as I am taking 200mm focal length shots, I will have to take a 18mm one so that they will be in the frame and I will not be able to walk far from them. So having the 55-200 on all the time is not helping me with the pictures in which I will have people.

You are right about the 700 bucks, it is a lot of money just for convenience I guess. But if I end up doing a lot of lens switching and also getting my camera all dusty and stuff, it may be worth it.

Hopefully you will be able to help.
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Based on your shooting preferences and needs and the usefulness you find in using VR the 18-200mm lens would be the way to go if you did not already have the other lenses. I would put up with the inconvenience myself and save for faster glass for my money. The 85 1.8 is about $400 and is quite the lens for its sharpness, contrast and color rendition. Spending $700 for the 18-200 is a bit much for convenience.

Also, the two lens combo is a bit better in image quality over the 18-200mm VR. I like mine don't get me wrong. I got it as a kit with my first D200 which I still have. If I had the option to get the two kit lens I would have gone that route.

I know this may sound a bit far fetched when I mention this but if you buy another camera body that may be another alternative. I am sure you can find another D50 for much less than $700.


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I think you have a good point. I decided not to purchase the 18-200. It is a lot of money for convenience. I tried a cheaper different lens instead. I ordered the Nikon 50mm f/1.8D lens. This will be my fastest lens and it is something different compared to the lenses I own. The 18-200 would be basically the same type of lens.

I can experiment with shorter DOF with the 1.8 f number. The 3.5 f number in my 18-55 never gave me drastic results with the DOF as far as I am concerned. And for the 100 dollar or so price range I don't think you can beat that. I am looking forward to receiving it.

I guess I will be doing some lens switching during my trip next two weeks. That will make me feel more like a pro. ))
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