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I am fairly new to photography and only have a standard 18-55mm lens on my D80. I am looking for an all in one option for a lens and have narrowed it down to 24-120mm or 18-200mm. Once is slightly cheaper than the other and I am not sure so far how much tele I will be shooting.

Any suggestions on whether the 24-120 would fulfill most needs of a beginning or is not not wide or tele enough.

Also, I don't want to buy a lens now and outgrow it in a year, so I'm hoping for something that should last me a few years as I develop my photography skills more.

Your views would be appreciated !
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Both are very good len's but if it were me I would have to go with the 18/200 "VR" I have both of them and really only use my 18/200 for just about everything I do.

I sure wish Nikon would come out with a 16/400 F2.8 lens in the $800 or $900 dollar range. I know they won't/can't so I will just keep using my 18/200"VR"

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I think I have to go with Ronnie948. The 24-120mmVR is a very good lens, as a matter of fact I would ratephotos in the 24 mm to 120 mm as about the same from each lens, but here's why I personally see the 18-200mm as better...

1. 18-200 as opposed to 24-120 - reaches further both ways...

2. VR (24-120mm),, VRII (18-200mm).Only a slightdifference but I do noticeit. VRII is slightly more stable,, only slightly...

3. Only a marginal cost difference from 24-120 to 18-200 (depends on where you shop)...

Some 24-120 owners/testers have spoken of "soft" images from this lens... I personally get quite sharp images from mine but the first timeI used it on my D80, I discovered that it hates the Auto mode, giving both soft and blurry images, not matter how steady I held it (hand, rest or tripod) and no matter how bright ordull the shot was taken in. So bad, I asked my brother to try it on his D200 and he said it was perfect on his, so I tried it on Aperture Priority first at about f5.6 and wow what a difference. I don't know if this is a D80 thing or it was just my D80... I tried it on my D300 which doesn't have Auto and this lens just went great from minute one...

The 18-200 on the other hand just lived up to its reputation from the first shot in either camera. This lens may not be Nikons greatest by specification, but it may well be the best all-rounder in their lineup in my opinion. It is very vesatile, affordable, has VR and can produce sharp images from go to almost whoah.. Of course I haven't tried all of Nikons lenses, so what do I know...!!!
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