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I am a great fan of the 50mm focal length. On my analog bodies, I often use the 50mm F/1.4 however it becomes a 75mm F/1.4 on my D70. Therefore, I would like to know what you are using for that focal length. I might just set my zoom lenses at 35mm but I must say I prefer primes over zoom lenses.

The 35mm F/2 D is an option, as well as the 28mm F/2.8. I have no experience with those two lenses and have problems finding reviews how these lenses behave on digital bodies, as some lenses perform better and other worse on a DSLR.

Thanks for your input.
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The 17/35 F2.8- equivalent to 25/52 in film terms - is my standard lens now. Quite frankly even if you like primes I think you will find that this lens is so good you'll never need a prime again. I also have the 17/55 which, while good, isn'tin the same leagueas the 17/35. I have a few primes, but for pure convenience this lens takes some beating. Just read the reviews and I think you will come to the same comclusion.
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Sigma is supposed to have a 35mm f/1.4 out in stores, that when converted to the 1.5x factor should yield close to the 50mm mark.
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Sigma's offering, I believe, is a 30/f1.4. This works out to 45 mm on a DSLR. I looked at this lens but didn't buy it because I don't know whether Sigma was able to duplicateNikon's proprietary "D" technology into their product. This is the technology that ensures accurate fill-flash. If you don't shoot much flash, thiswould be my choice for a prime, normal focal length lens.

I've owned both the Nikkor AF 35/f2.0 D and the AF 50/1.4 D, and while both performed beautifully (re contrast and resolution), they developed too much play in the focusing barrel. If you're going to buy these lenses, buy them new. Too risky buying used, such as on ebay.

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