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Default AF-S VR 70-200mm f/2.8G lens reviewed

For those that don't read dpreview's forums, there has been sightings of the 70-200VR lens in the UK. Here is an address of a review:

Here is another set of comments from a person who just got the lens:

The thing which shocks me is that if you translate the price in pounds to USD, the price is (to me) shockingly low. Its 1292 (including VAT.... A tax?) If we use 1.5 pounds per dollar, that makes the price a bit over $800USD. Much cheaper than I expected, as it replaced a lens costing $1,200+ at B&H. Of course, import prices are lower, but $400 more?

While on the subject of VR, it seems some site in French (don't know location, can't read it directly) found some info about Sigma's new lenses. The interesting one is that they are working on a VR-like one ("Optical Stabilizer".) Lets hope that keeps Canon and Nikon honest in their pricing....


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Hi Eric,

I think the price may be a little higher in $. Your exchange rate sound great, but I don't think your bank would go for it. It's more likely you would have to pay 1,5$ pr. making the VR 70-200 $1.900 - $2.000 :-)

By the way - I can't wait to get my gready fingers on one!

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I'd be a little surprised if it was that high. I'm guessing closer to $1,600-$1,700. The price of the equivalent canon is $1,700 (well, it isn't IF.) They have got to realize that some exectation has been set by that.

I did read a price in Euro's which would have converted to around $900. But I'm sure Nikon will price it what each market can bare, not the same price around the globe. That does give us an idea of just how badly import lenses are still gouging us.

Sigh. Ok, adorama has it priced at $1,999.95. But that is the "silver finish" one, which is usually a hundred or two more. Not that that matters at that price tag.... I sure ain't going to get one any time soon.

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