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I own a D50 with a 18-55mm lens with extension tubes to do close-up. I'm a student with a low budget and I would like to buy other lens to do close-up photography. I red that AI and AI-S lens work with D50 and they're very cheap but work as well as new lens. It is true ? Also, I'm not sure which lens to buy .. Nikon Nikkor-S 50mm F/1.2 AI and Nikon Nikkor 105mm 1.8 AI-S seems great but I'm not really sure if they are good for close-up with extension tube.. Finally, I would like to know advantages and disadvantages of use a wide-angle and telephoto lens with extension tubes to do close-up. So if you could answer me and suggest me some cheap AI and AI-S lens which work with D50.. it would be nice =)


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I don't know too much about this, but I do know that extension tubes tend to work better with telelenses.

There's an option to mount lenses backwards on cameras too. The 50mm seem to work very well for macro shots and come cheap. You need a converter though. I believe the Nikon BC3 can do this, but I'm not too sure about that.
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AI, AI-Slenses do work with the D50, but will not meter or autofocus (although AF isn't as important in macro photography...most pros use manual focus) on the D50 body. As such, you will probably want to stick with AF lenses. In terms of which macro lens to buy, the current AF offerings from nikon are the 60 f/1.8 and 105 f/1.8 (there is a 200mm, but it is priced well out of the typical users range). Both are very sharp, excellent lenses. Sigma and tamron offer comparable lenses for about 1/3 less. The only difference between focal lengths is working distance from the subject. Longer focal lengths allow you more space in between you and your subject...great for skittish insects or critters.

I'm not a big fan of lens reversing kits for macro photography. Although they do work well, DOF is extremely shallow making critical focus tough. It takes me way too much fiddling to get it right.
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