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I have a batch of Ai lenses from my F3 that i want to use on a new digital. Found a closeout D70s and looked at a D50. D200 is a bit steep for me .

Anyway, went to local camera store an took a 20mm and 35mm to see if they would work on the above bodies. The salesman said no. He put the 35 on a d 50 and D80 and said it was on manual, and hit the button and it would not fire, to show me he was right.I have not used the digital so I dont know if it was set right or not. I found a page in the Nikon web site that says they will work on manual. This site reviews say it will. Am I geting stroked by these folks??? I know these lens are AI cause they have the tab on the f stop ring that engages the meter on the F3. I know they won't AF and I probably will have to set f stop and exp., But I have been shooting sports for 30 years and can focus, and have a luna pro.. Any advice would be appreciated....Or is he just selling D200'?

Thanks Bud
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I've used my Ai and Ais lenses on my D70s and it works just fine. You won't have any metering so you'll either have to use an external light meter or fly by the seat of your pants and shoot till you get it right. I even took some shots with a non-Ai 500mm mirror lens last weekend and it worked fine too.
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I just got a d50 yesterday. I don't have any AF lenses yet so the first thing I did was put on my 28-70mm Tokina in Ai mount it worked perfect. No metering but it works fine.

The camera manual says it will work with Ai or Ai modified lenses but be carfull with modified ones as the camera has the EE tab. I'm going to have to redo my modified lenses.
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