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I have a Nikon D70 and need a lens that best captures soccer games up close. I have the 70-300 that came with camera but the photos always seem far away. I take photos from the sidelines and the games are typically during the day. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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The best lens is all in the matter of what you want and can afford. The Sigma 120-300mm 2.8 is a great choice but pricey for most at $2600. Sigma, Tamron and Nikon offer a 70-200mm 2.8 as well. I am not sure if the Tamron version is out yet but the Sigma has been a credible performer and I say this due to the fact of some bad copies being reported by some users.

Shooting from the touchline does not give you the best action shots but it is better than nothing at all. Shoot the action filling 2/3 of your frame. Shooting across the field and then cropping drastically will give you a degraded looking shot.

Shoot the faces of the players, rather than their backsides.

If you are able to be on either touchline I would shoot knowing where the action would be most for the intended player you are shooting. If you are able to, I would get on the field during their warm-ups and get some action shots that way as well. This will also give you some practice before the real game begins. I get my best keeper shots this way during the warm-ups.

There was a posting by JohnG who is the moderator in the Sports Forum but I could not locate it. I would message him and get the best sound advice from him. Mark1616 is also a great consult and another moderator of the Sports Forum.

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Your going to have to get a longer lens if everything seems too far away. And that means bigger, heavier and harder to handhold and get sharp images. It also means more expensive. There are several decent 3rd party lenses. Tamron makes a 200-400 that is older but still available for around $300 used. The newer version is a 200-500, but is more expensive. There is also the "Bigma" from Sigma, a 50-500 that is also well regarded. There are longer lenses, but they are very expensive.
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Tom & rjseeney,

Thanks for the reply. I will look into your suggestions. Thanks!
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