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Hi, I am thinking about buying a used 18-70 off of craigs list. The guy is offering it for 220 and says he has a blank 4 year warranty card, and the lens is about 1 year old.

heres the posting http://portland.craigslist.org/ele/153618432.html

I am wondering if that warranty is transferable to me?

This is what I asked about the warranty:

So do you know for sure if the warranty is tranferable on the lens?

This was his response:

I do not know for sure that the warranty is transferable. However, I have never registered the item with Nikon, and I still have the original blank warranty card, as well as the purchase receipt.
also would you consider this a good deal?

thanks for your help
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From what I understand, the 4-year extended warranty should have been sent in within 10 days of purchase of the lens. So I think you cannot use that extended warranty.

Even if he had sent that in, from what I've read, Nikon will expect the name on the warranty card to be the same as the name on the invoice.

Is it worth it anyways for $220? Maybe. It depends on what lens you currently have. But there are not that many lens that are "lower" than this in terms of need and quality. I mean, I currently have the 18-55 kit lens, which is as basic as you get, and I wouldn't pay $220 to upgrade to the 18-70. If you have a 28-80, then maybe you want a little wide lens, but even that I'd rather save the $220 and buy a true wide lens, like the sigma or tokina 12-24.

Just my take, and 'hope it helps.


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Old Apr 24, 2006, 12:18 PM   #3
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I paid $209.00 for the 18-70 lens from Cameta through Ebay. They sell factory demos with a 1 year warranty. I upgraded from the kit lens mainly because the front element on the kit lens rotates when focusing, and the 18-70 does not, making it much easier to use with my polarizer, nd filters.
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I dont own anything yet. i am building a kit. I think im gonna get a refurb d50 model from beach or cametta. But yea ok i think im gonna call used camera store around here to see more about the warranty
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