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kjeal Aug 8, 2006 7:30 PM

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Hello All

equipment - Nikon D70 with 18-35mm[3.5:4.5]; 28-105mm[3.5:4.5] and 35-135mm [3.5:4.5] lenses

i have a bit of a dilemma - do I need a fast prime lens? I have been taking a few indoor shots of small concerts and gigs and i hate to use flash unless i really have to.
(see attachment for example of the last gig i went to)

I feel i need a prime lens such as a 50mm [1.8] or 50mm [1.4]. Will this give me more light in my photos?

The dilemma is which lens to go for (the 1.8 or 1.4)(is there seriously any difference?) and secondly, to raise the funds for this prime lens, I must get sell one of my three lenses. but which one? the 35-135 has the range but its an old manual lens. the 28-105 is a good walkabout lens whereas the 18-35 is only good (imo) for indoor shots - but this will become redundant when i get a prime lens.

any help would be appreciated. what would you do in my shoes?

thanks. Kj

thebac Aug 8, 2006 8:21 PM

First, yes, a bright prime lens would be useful for low-light no-flash situations.

Second, either of the 28-105 and 35-135 is redundant. There's way too much overlap, so either of those is much more expendable than the 18-35, which I would keep as a wide angle solution. On the flipside, the 18-35 would bring you the most in a sale.

Third, which focal length do you normally use indoors? Do you wish you were closer? Keep in mind that the 50 is quite a bit longer than your 18-35, so it might be too long indoors. If so, also consider the 35/2 or the sigma 30/1.4. If a 50 is what you need, there are two ways of looking at it--either buy the one you really want and need (the 1.4), because buying once is always cheaper or buy the 1.8 first because it's cheap (about $100 new) so it's not an expensive mistake to make if you do find it not to be to your liking.

kjeal Aug 10, 2006 9:28 AM

I think I'll get rid of the 28-105 via Ebay or somesort. The 35-135 is an old lens with a manual function but its got a range.


rey Aug 11, 2006 12:34 AM

Another thing to keep in mind though is that if you use a prime and open it up you will get a shallow depth of field. So on that stage shot, the singer may be in focus, but not the stuff behind her, depending on your distance and amount of light you'll need.

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