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Default Explain Lens Compatability plz

Hi, after using a pentax mz6 and then k100d ive finally jumped to Nikon with a D5300. using a 18-55mm af-s dx vr II . (autofocus- silent motorized, ??, vibration reduction. II why 2 i dunno.

however i want to look for a third party lens apprx 70-300mm and want to know how i can match af dx vr to their models. ie sigma tamaron and any others, i dont want to buy a lens and find out it will only auto focus and thats it.

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  • AF: Autofocus lens.
  • -S: Silent motor in the lens. This is important because earlier lenses relied on an AF motor in the camera body. Starting with the D40, and keeping to the low end dSLR models, Nikon stopped putting AF motors in their bodies. Nikon lenses that don't have the "-S" won't AF on bodies like your D5300. As for Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina lenses, every lens in their current lineup will AF on your camera, but some older ones won't. You should also know that they didn't make a distinction between their lenses that will and their lenses that won't. But any NEW lens available for sale now, includes the AF motor, so they'll work with your camera.
  • DX: This means it projects a smaller image that's appropriate for APS-C size image sensors like your D5300. The alternative is FX, which is for lenses that project a larger image that's necessary to cover the 'Full Frame' image sensors on high-end Nikon dSLRs. Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina, respectively, use the designators DC, Di II, and DX for APS-C lenses and DG, Di, and FX for 'Full Frame' lenses. This isn't nearly as important for you, because both APS-C and 'Full Frame' lenses will work on your D5300.
  • VR: "Vibration Reduction". Sigma uses the designator of OS for it's "Optically Stabilized" lenses, Tamron uses VC for its lenses with "Vibration Compensation", and Tokina uses VCM for its lenses with a "Vibration Correction Module".
  • II: This just means it's the second version of this particular lens. It means that it's an improvement over an earlier lens that had the same designation, though exactly which feature or features have been improved isn't indicated.
  • The lens is the thing.
  • 'Full Frame' is the new 'Medium Format'.
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Default Thankyou!

Wow. Over and beyond. Thankyou for the explanation and info. I learned a lot just reading your answer. I know what to look for now. Ill definetly try before I buy if i can.

The jump from one brand to another sent me into confusion as i was doing research and figured out a few things but couldnt wrap my head around the question in the intial post. Thanks. Much appreciated!
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