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Hello, I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing experiences with filters, particulary with polarizing filters, with digital images. I know the concept of the polarizer, but have always used it with film. Now that I have purchased a D50, should I be upgrading my polarizer for taking digital images?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I have a UV filter for protection of the lens, but when I read up on polarizers, it can get confusing with many of the different types. I am looking to purchase a circular polarizer, and I have seen prices range from 30.00 to 125.00 and higher, with the higher end being either thin, or different coating, or even made for digital photography.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Also, are haze filters in your bags, as well as ND filters? Any advice would be gladly appreciated.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Thanks in advance,

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Jeff
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For me post processing has rendered most filters useless. Only polarizers and ND filters cannot be duplicated in post work. If you had a quality polarizer filter that you used for film, then it should work fine for digital. I wouldn't skimp on quality as any extra glass you put between the lens and your subject could affect image quality, especially with sharpness.

I don't think protective filters are necessary. Generally they are cheap and hurt image quality. UV light does not affect digital images as much as film so they really serve no purpose image wise. In terms of protection, a lens hood does just as well. If you were to bump a protective filter hard enough to damage it, it would probably break and the shards would likely damage your lens anyway.
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Thank you for your help. In regards to the circular polarizer, unfortunately, mine broke (the ring cracked) to where it is useless, so I will need to purchase another. When you say you wouldn't skimp on quality, do you suggest the multi coated circular polarizers? I guess what I am asking is what determines the higher quality? I don't want to get sucked in by seeing high prices, and thinking they are the best because of the cost. Does this make sense?

In regards to the UV or Haze filters, I mainly had one for protection for my lens, and as of yet, I am not the greatest with post processing, and still getting used to it.


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From my reading for polarizers and a protection filter, ie, UV, the more expensive filters have multicoating, circular polorizer, better glass, thinner mounts, and front threads. I'm not sure if thinner is needed for 18-55, or 18-200 lens on digital, but will probably buy it anyway unless convinced it isn't needed. So for those out there who use filters for lens protection or polorizers, will std mounts work fine at the18mm wide angle on digital lens?

Nikon, Hoya Pro Line, B+W, Heliopan seem to be very good. Not sure about Sunpack orhouse brands.
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