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I am going to get a Nikon D80 and am trying to decide what lens to purchase with it. This will be my first digital slr. I used to use a film slr, and no I don't have the lenses still. I consider my self sort of an amature or hobbist, but want equipment I can grow with. I want to take artsy landscape and animal phothos to hang on walls and give as gifts. I think I've picked a good camera, now what lens?

I want to get just ONE lens for now that does it all (I know that's impossible.) But I don't want to carry a lot of lenses for now and if I invest in more lenses latter, I don't want to have them overlap in focal length with the lens I am getting now.

The lenses I am considering are:

Nikon 18-135 kit lens ($300)

Tamaron 18-200 Di-II ($400)

Tamaron 18-250 Di-II ($500)

Nikon 18-200 Vr ($750)

I am somewhat new to digital, so tell me, now that we can do so much cropping and blowing up of images, if I want to fill up the frame with my image, is it better to have a lens with more zoom to get closer to the subject or is it better to have a higher quality lens to maintain sharpness so that I can crop in on the subject latter.

And also, is the nikon kit lens (18-135) better quality than the tamron lenses eventhough it has less zoom. Will I see a difference in the sharpness of the images?

I like the idea of being able to go down 4 shutter speeds with the 18-200vr. Is that really the lens to get? If I was really going to do this right is that the direction to go.

Any others to consider?

Thank you,

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i would go with the 18-200 VR. After shooting a friends d70 with 18-70 kit and another friends d80 with 18-135 i do not care for the 18-135 lens. Sometimes by shooting wider and cropping in your focus point is not where you want it to be. i learned that the hard way myself. If you are just doing minimal cropping to adjust the framing of the shot you will be ok but anything other than that frame the shot the way you want it when you take it. I personally shoot minolta and would not give up my I.S. for anything so i would buy the V.R. lens as long as you can afford it.
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The Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens is very difficult to find. In place of that lens, I purchased/opted forthe Nikkor 70-700mm VR and am very pleased with it. the Tamron 18-200mm DI-II lens is a very good lens and I have beeen continually surprised by it on the D-50.

The Nikkor 55-200mm lens is also another lens that get discounted but it is, in absolute reality, a pretty darned good lens. Especially when you consider that www.adorama.com has it as a Nikon refurished lens at the low price of $144.95. That makes it a really bargain lens.

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I would suggest you get the 18-200VR if you can find them, and if it's within your budget. But chances are if you get other lens in the future, it will have a focal length overlap, since 18-200 is a wide range. It really depends on your budget, but the range for this camera fits your landscape to animal shooting needs.

If you really want to buy a really good lens that you won't have to replace in the future, then you'll have to go up in quality (and price!) and go for the Nikon 17-55mm or Nikon 28-70mm. They don't have a wide range, but for people shooting, this is what wedding shooters (and paparazzi) usually use. These two are very sharp, but you may not notice (or need) the difference. In the end you decide the price vs cost.

But in my opinion the 18-200VR should be good lens for your needs.

If you can't find the 18-200VR, then you can either buy the Tamrons you mentioned, or even it's Sigma equivalent.

The other option is to go with a two lens combo with a shorter budget lens, like the 18-55, 18-70 or even the 18-135 for short end, and then get either the 55-200 or the 70-300VR that was previously mentioned. Nikon budget lenses are pretty good, the only one I'd stay away from is the really cheap 28-80mm as it have received a lot of bad reviews.

There are a lot of sites that has lens reviews, but be sure to check out Thom Hogan's:

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:|Just got the D80 with a 17-55 2.8 lens. A great combo pricey, but well worth

the money. I prefer to use available light as much as possible.

I feel the 18-135 is too much plastic in it, thats my opinon, however its very light

in weight.

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