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Default Is this a good lens?

I do not know much about Nikon DSLRs, I have not really considered one since I wanted in body stabilization and Nikon doesnt offer that, but now I have had a new thought. Instead of buying an expensive DSLR perhaps I might buy a cheap one and see if I can even adjust to the weight and size of a DSLR, so I have been looking at Nikon cameras

I have been looking at Nikon because I found a Sigma 35-70mm lens that fit onto an old and broken Nikon FG camera, and I was wondering if I were to purchase a cheap camera, would this lens fit it?

I believe it was bundled with the camera so I wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt a top end lens, but it would be something to start with.

On that note, what would be a good cheap Nikon to use it with? I have looked on Ebay and found some older Nikons, but they always seem just a bit out of range. I would prefer to spend no more than 250-300.
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First off? What is the point of buying ANY DSLR? Nikon or otherwise if you do not know much about them?
How about getting some information on cameras by figuring out what you are interested in taking photos of? Why a DSLR in the first place? What do you have Currently? What do you take photos of with it Now? Do you print or put it online?
The weight and Pain in the Arse is the same, to me anyway, as it was carrying the film cameras around. In that I had one or two lenses, a couple of toys to go with that, cleaning stuff, bag, just STUFF.
The weight of the camera itself is a bunch heavier than most Point and shoot, even my larger zoom, which is what I primarily carry, cameras. I have Sony H50, H1, Kodak Z981, Sony 717, and an Alpha 100 DSLR. There is a big difference. With the first bunch I just sling it on my neck. The Alpha is not comfortable...ended up with a single mono pod to hold it, basically a hiking stick with the neck strap...paranoid I will drop it...or use the wrist strap. The others I can sling on my neck or wrist.
The Kodak I really love as it is lite, comfortable, cheap, and good. So are the Sony's. So, I end up Playing with them ALL. Kodak has the 14 mp though. H50 9.1. Both do great.
Still, am thinking of the Sony Alpha 850 with 24 mp.
You have to know what you want to shoot with it, print or online, features, lenses. etc.
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Not sure if you will be able to autofocus with your Sigma lens - but the D3000 can be gotten for about $300 refurbished Here:
You should consider what you are trying to do - if you can't remember your name - will you be able to learn a DSLR?
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