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Hi all,

Newbie here. Could you all list the specific lenses you use for portraiture and model shoots.

I am in the market to purchase some lenses for my D70s specifically to build model folios, do actors headshots and glamour photography.

Would a lense such as 70-200mm f/2.8 be suitable for such images?

I'm trying to be as sufficient and convenient as possible by having only 2 or 3 lenses for these shoots so I want to find the best lense which will cover these types of work.

I've been recommended a 50mm f/1.8 and an 105mm f/2.8

Please list your lenses you use to shoot models and portraiture.

Thanks in advance!

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Depends just how serious you are about the best lenses. The 85mm F1.4 is about the best along with the105mm AFDC F2 for portraiture. The latter has a defocus control for that "soft" look. It strikes me you know comparatively little about photography to ask about the 70/200 which is not at all suitable for studio work. Have you thought about the lighting requirements, backdrops, and so on? This is a dodg eat dog market and you had better do your research before wasting a ton of money, because the good lenses and ancillary equipment you need will empty your wallet very fast. Again a D70 is adequate for medium sized photos, but any big enlargement you are going to need another camera.
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i must have missed the part where you said you were only going to shoot in a studio.

however, having shot "glamour" and models for over 25 years i have found myself outside of a studio on many occasions and a zoom of the 70-200 range can be very effective. not my first choice, but definitely in my bag.

if i had only one lens in my "glamour" arsenal it would be something like a 85mm 1.8 (or the 1.4 for much more $$$ and probably not really necessary.) the f1.8 will give you the ability to get that reduced depth-of-field that blurs out all but the model.

next choice would be the zoom you were asking about and then a nice wide-angle when you find yourself in tight quarters like a bedroom. the 16mm f2.8 is a reasonably economic way to go on this if you can't afford the 12-24 that is so popular.

these aren't the BEST in terms of $$$ or the techies perhaps, but will give you world-class results as long as you have the other areas covered.

i won't get into the other "goodies" since you specifically asked about BEST lenses...

good luck. yeah, it can be competitive, but oh so much fun... :-)

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