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That kind of image is done by stitching multiple photos together.

You'll need a tripod, and you'll want to try and zoom in a bit so that your lens doesn't have as much distortion as it would at it's full wide angle lens position, making sure to keep the camera flush to the horizon as much as possible, and overlapping the edges of the images you want to stitch. You'll also want to do certain things like locking white balance and exposure to minimize variations between images that may be more obvious.

See our Panorama / Stitching Forum for more information on technique for shooting Panaromas, where they can explain things like nodal point to you.

Here's one software tool that can do more of it automatically. But, you'll need more sophisticated techniques for some stitching.


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If you want a wider lens, look at this Sigma. If will Autofocus with a D40. You can get one for $479 now from beachcamera.com (a.k.a., buydig.com). They're reputable. Make sure to get the right one (some of the listings go to other camera mounts).

Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Autofocus Lens

But, you'd need to crop it to get that aspect ratio (cut out a section like you want from the middle of a standard 3:2 aspect ratio image). That means you'd need to be very far away and you'd lose a *lot* of detail from the cropping. Remember, the size of your camera's CCD sensor has a 3:2 ratio of width to height (just like 35mm film). If you want something different, you're going to have to cut it out and discard the rest.

In other words, you'd be better off sticking to lenses with less distortion and stitching multiple images together if you really want an image with that kind of aspect ratio. For example, the 18-55mm lens you already have, zoomed in some from it's widest zoom position for less distortion.

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hiya jim,

my lenses turned up this morning, and i tried them out !! was very impressed , although i know that im gonna have to get some kind of tripod for macro photography, but the detail of the photos even in my shaky hand is simply unreal compaired to any other camera ive used.

ive scanned the manual a few times now, an i was wondering , can you use the screen on the back as a viewfinder, like i can on my sony videocamra, or is it just for settings, menus, and playback of photos?

cheers in advance , seb. :|
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The LCD cannot be used to get a live view. Most DSLR's do not have this ability, although some newer models do incorporate it, and it will likely become a standard feature in the future.
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