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Default Import or USA

Good morning all,
I have been in the market for a Nikon 80-200 lens and B & H sells both the import and the USA brand. Or there any physical differences between the two lens. Thanks again for your time.
Hiking Girl (Steffani)
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Someone else asked a similar question elsewhere. Was it you? If not, I'll repeat what I can remember.

Probably not. I would be surprised, actually. The units printed on the lens for focusing distance might be in meters instead of feet. But I can't think of anything else.

Do realize that the warentee is different. The import lens doesn't have a Nikon warentee. B&H has good info about this, so I'd read about it there.
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If you ask this question for lenses only, I will say there is no different between the USA version and the grey market version. They both the same lens, same design... When you buy the "grey market version", besure to ask them, is this product cover by the international warranty or store warranty? if it covers under the International warranty, you may have to sent it to overseas for service if you need repair under the warranty period. If it covers by the store warranty, then you need to sent it back to the store, and they will take care of it. B&H is a very respected and reliable dealer in NY, the only one that I trust when I decide to buy the "grey market " products, B&H called "import" version. For over 10 years dealing with B&H, I have only one item, a data back for a Nikon FM2 camera, that I need to send it back for service, B&H then sent it to Nikon for repair and they send it back to me (they even pay return shipping via Fedex). It was a smooth transaction, and they maintain the record (repair number)so you can track the status when you call their CS. The only problem is the waiting time, prepare to wait from 4 to 6 weeks.

On the camera, "impport" and "USA" may have a slight different in the features or functions of the camera (ex N80 vs F80), but B&H always did a good job of explain them to you on the website...
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Default Depends on the lens

You only have the store's warranty for imported lenses. This may or may not be OK. Often the store will include a Mack warranty or perhaps charge for it.

Nikon won't touch an AF-S imported lens, period. I would not buy an imported AF-S lens. If it is the AF-D version of the 80-200mm and is from a reputable store (e.g. B&H) and/or has a Mack 3 yr. warranty, then I would consider it.
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For lenses, no different between the import (grey) version and the USA version. For Nikon products, distribute to proper channel with authorized distributors in USA, are consider as USA version, will have USA warranty, can be serviced or repaired to any Nikon authorized center in the country. Nikon will not accept to service any Nikon products that are not the USA version(without the warranty card, I also heard that Canon made the exception, but not offically). If you buy the import version, ask them if this product has the store warrranty or international warrranty. Don't buy the one that has the international warrranty, in case if it needs service, you will have to sent it oversea to repair, and it will take forever to get it back. If it has the store warrranty, the store is contracted with a third party for repairing your product. BH has contract directly with Nikon, so if you buy the import version ffrom B&H, you're in good hand ( I had Nikon product repaired by Nikon via B7H before, take about 3 weeks, but B7H handled it properly).

For cameras and other products, most feature and functions are the same, but some may have different features, for example: the Nikon N80 and the F80, there are a coupe functions are different between the two. Cheers...
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