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I justgot a Nikon D-70, with a 28-80mm lens. I live in Europe, where the 18-70mm kit is more expensive, so my parents bought me the 28-80mm kit. After reading all the topics, I think they better could have given me the 18-70mm kit. Anyway, I want to spend some money on lenses, but I am completely lost.

First of all, my previous camera was a Sony Cybershot F717 with Carl Zeiss5x optical zoom lens with as lowest aparture f/2.0. I was very satisfied with its features and functioning, but decided to switch to a Digital SLR. I own a Nikon FM-10, full-manual camera, with two F mount lenses, which I cannot use on the D-70.

I want to buy two new lenses for my D70, wide-angle and telephoto. The 28-80mm is average, and not special in any way. What I want is to be able to make nice wide-angle shots and have a zoom that equals the 5x optical zoom of my Cybershot F717 digital camera. I guess I need a low aparture, as I would like to isolate subjects that are further away as well. I also need some speed, as I have a Border Collie, which I love to take pictures off while he is running around.

I also don´t know about the brand. I am very satisfied about my F-mount Nikon lenses, but have also heard that Sigma and Tamron have pretty good stuff. If they are as good, I don´t mind buying into one of those brands.

Any help or suggestion is welcome. I thank you in advance.
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I use the 12-24 zoom for wide angle. It's a great lens although at f4 a little slow. Not cheap it cost slightly more than my D70 body but worthe every penny.
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Depends how wide angle you want really and also how much you have to spend. I have the kit lens and also the 17/55 F2.8 which is superb, if heavy. I agree the 12/24 is a great lens but for everyday use I would find it too short at the long end. Sigma have brought out a 18/50 F2.8 for digital cameras which has got good reviews and is of course much cheaper.

For telephoto use the Sigma 70/200 HPO F2.8 is widely recommended by people in this forum, but I have the Nikon 70/200 F2.8 VRIFED and swear by it, also using the TC14E adaptor to push it out to 280mm or as we usually say 420mm allowing for the crop factor. If funds are limited look around for a slightly used 80/200 F2.8 which will be a great lens too.
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