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Default lens recomendations please

Hello again all
Im in the market for a new macro lens and was wondering if anyone has any recomendations on a good cheapish one.Also what features should I look for in a macro lens. Ive read it must be a 1:1 ratio to be truly macro.
Aswell Ive been reading up on teleconverters and as i understand they are a cheap way of getting a bit closer to the subject when used with your telephoto lens, am i understanding right ? Can anyone also recomend a good teleconverter for me if that is the case please ?
Oh 1 more thing, sorry for all the questions, but im also interested in getting lens hoods.Ive got a lens hood for my 300mm sigma as it came with it but its a basic solid one (not a tulip hood or anything like that) would it be better to grab a tulip lens hood or another sort ? how do u know what size lens hood you need ? as i went to put the 300mm hood onto my 18-55mm lens and it was to big, would it be a case of looking for a lens hood with the figure 55mm or 18mm in the description ?
Once again sorry for all the questions but thought I'd get it all in 1 thread instead of creating loads of different ones lol.
Thanks loads in advance
P.s my camera is a nikon d60 if u need that info
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