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Just bought a Nikon D70S. Looking for a lense in the $200-$400 price range whose purpose is to photograph models and people.

Suggestions are appreciated.

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It depends on your style. Some users prefer zooms for more framing flexibility, some prefer brighter primes (fixed focal length lenses). How much room you've got comes into the equation, too (i.e, you may not be able to back up enough to get what you want in the frame with some focal lengths, especially if you want to shoot group shots or full length shots versus tighter head and shoulders types shots.

Here's a recent thread on portrait lenses (mostly discussing the available primes versus zooms):


You may even want to go with an inexpensive Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF lens for starters and see how that focal length fits you (it's around $100 right now). Or, something like the longer 85mm f/1.8 instead (closer to the high end of your budget) if you want a prime versus zoom and you've got enough room to use one.

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Since you just got a 2 lens D70s kit, what I'd suggest is to use that kit for a while before rushing out to buy anything else, so you'll get a better feel for focal lengths needed, and where you may be running into any limitations with them. That way, you can make better informed decisions later. IOW, wait until you are producing good images using those lenses first.

Unless you want head and shoulders type portraits with a shallower depth of field than you can get with your existing lenses, I wouldn't spend a lot of money that may not improve anything. Your skill level is probably going to be the limiting factor for your photos for a while, not the lenses you're using. I'd learn to get the best out of those first, then decide where they're limiting you.

I'd use feedback from forum members here to help. For example, the Critiques and Techniques forum we have setup is a good place to post a photo you want feedback on, so that forum members can give you impressions of it, and what you may be able to do differently to improve similar images.

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