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Interested in the Nikon AF 70-300 f/4-5.6 G

anyone owns one? I know is not a AF-S in anyway, but is it adequete? want some zoom zoom for my new D50!
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I bought a secondhand version of this lens to use on my D70 and it works fine.

I live in the UK and paid £80.00 inc postage for it off Ebay, it does not have an Aperture ring, that is selected via the camera body and it is auto focus, not bad for 80 squids!!!!!!

To be honest you get what you pay for, the lens feels light, and it's mainly made of plastic but it takes good photos in good light.

Ihave just returned to Photography after a long lay off so I am slowley building up my kit again, but if it takes off I will trade in this lens and get a more robust model with a faster aperture for lower light.

It all depends on your usage, if you plan to make a living out of selling your pics then don't even bother with this lens, but if you a weekend snapper and look to take good presentable pics then this lens will be a good start.

Good luck


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Old Aug 11, 2005, 10:20 AM   #3
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I have this lens and love it, I originally got the sigma 70-300 but was not satisfied and swapped to this Nikon. I have limited experience in photography and therefore don't want to misinform you in anyway. This past year iv tried many different cameras and lenses, one thing that kept me away from DSL's was the common belief that big heavy expensive 2.8 lens was a must for any serious photography. Well I don't think this is the case anymore with modern DSL's, there higher iso and built in noise reduction allows the use of slower lens with excellent results. Sure you need to find your lens sweet spot for any given conditions, but this is all about photography isn't it?

This week I tried the 50-500mm and 80-400VR an entire day of shooting, it took a few hours for the hype of having a mega zoom to dissipate, then reality stroke me and realised how these lens crippled me, was the extra reach worth it? Not for me it wasn't, I then realised just how fun and nimble the 70-300G was, sure its not the best Nikon lens, but I don't worry about dropping it or losing it, I can bring it on vacation and not worry the least. Plus it gives me sharp photos! Definitely a keeper until an 18-300mm that offers same quality comes along.

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Here, here! Am anxiously awaiting a 18-300mm lens from Nikon also. One lens does it all and add a 2X TC for extra FL.

Bob F.

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