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I'm a private investigator and I'm wondering if I could get some help on choosing a lense for my D70 Camera. Of course the lense has to have a very good zoom on it, also picture quality and also something I could use at night, dusk, or dawn. But mostly for day shooting. Is the 70-300mm a good lense or is there something stronger?

Also, anything else I would need to make my pictures turn out more clear, or to take good pictures.

Thanks for the help!
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Keep in mind that i'm new to the whole dSLR scene.

Obviously the bigger the lens, the bigger the zoom, so it comes down to how far away you're going to be and how much detail you want. a 70-300 would be a good start, but seeing as you can buy up to about 800mm, it's certainly not as high as you can go.

What you will want to look for if you're going to be shooting in poorly lit conditions is a low number after the X-Ymm part of the description.

The kit lens on the D70 is a 18-70mm 3.5-4.5 lens, meaning a value of 3.5 at 18mm, and 4.5 at 70.. In really simple terms, the lower the number, the sharper the picture during low light conditions. As this is desirable, the lower the number, the higher the price.

Have a look at the Nikon website, and maybe also some compeditors like sigma, I know Sigma has a good brochure at the moment with all their lenses.

As I said, I am new to this, so people will probably reply and correct all mistakes..
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PW was right about the f-number (f meaning its aperture value), the lower the brighter, and consequently, the sharper the image due to higher shutter speeds. BUT, larger apertures (smaller f-value) don't always mean tack sharp, only that a lens can gather more light. Many lenses with large apertures are actually soft at that aperture, only getting sharper at a stop or two later. Example, my 70-200 lens is pretty good at f/2.8, but it's much sharper at f/4 and f/5.6, same with my 17-35 and 28-70 lenses, all rated at a fixed f/2.8. But your D70, and mostly all DSLR's have pretty good high ISO capabilities, so shooting at ISO 1600 can yield usable images given a proper exposure. Another thing to consider are teleconverters, which will multiply your focal lenghs by a certain factor, usually 1.4x or 2x, but you lose 1 or 2 stops respectively (a fixed f/2.8 lens will become a fixed f/4 or f/5.6 with teleconverter). You lose some light gathering ability, it's a trade off for the longer reach. But in your case, a 70-300 would become a 98-420mm f/6.3-8 (w/ 1.4x tc) and 140-600mm f/9-11 (w/ 2x tc). It gets pretty dark when you think about it. Plus a teleconverter will degrade image quality a bit, more so in the case of a 2x tc. Other alternative you could look into are those 500mm mirror lenses that are relatively small and not that expensive compared to normal lenses at that range. Look through the B&H ads in the back of photo magazines, you are sure to find many options.
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Fredmiranda.com has great reviews on many Nikon, Canon, Sigma, and Tokina lenses, both primes and zooms. I'd suggest that site for reviews on the lenses.
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